Mom throws Aldi-themed birthday party for daughter 'obsessed' with the store

Mom throws Aldi-themed birthday party for daughter 'obsessed' with the store

One mom from South Carolina went all out for her four-year-old daughter's birthday party - but probably not quite in the way you'd think! In fact, Meaghan Singleton decided to throw her little girl an Aldi-themed birthday party as she's absolutely "obsessed" with the grocery store.

Meaghan pulled out all the stops and gave her daughter Saylor the most authentic Aldi shindig you can imagine.

Check out Aldi's leaked employee training video:

While it might seem a little unusual for a child of Saylor's age to be so enamored by a supermarket, it is definitely one of the four-year-old's favorite places to visit. And so the idea was a no-brainer. Meaghan just had to make Saylor her very own DIY Aldi party, ensuring the color scheme, props, and decorations were all spot on.

Check out these adorable photos from the day:

Posting pictures of Saylor's special day in a Facebook group called ALDI Aisle of Shame Community, mom Meaghan post accompanied the post with the caption: "Well that's a wrap!! Saylor's Aldi birthday party was a success! Added in is her 4th birthday pictures taken in our Aldi in Columbia, SC!"

In an interview with Business Insider, Meaghan revealed her daughter's eyes lit up when she saw the budget superstore-themed decorations. The mom revealed that Saylor "ran around saying 'I love Aldi'."

Meghan revealed that in order to create signs for Saylor's party, they took a trip to Aldi to have professional photographs taken, posing with the toys in what Saylor calls the "fun aisle".

"It is was so great seeing all the employees love that she loves Aldi as much as they do," Singleton said. "They even let her sit at the register."

"Serving all the food out of the boxes Aldi uses on the shelves was something that really sealed the Aldi theme for me," Meaghan continued to Insider.

Meghan also talked about Saylor’s love for the budget supermarket, adding:

"Since Saylor could sit in a shopping cart, she’s been coming with me. If I say we are going to the store, the first words out of her mouth are, ‘Aldi, right?’ She loves going on the hunt for deals with me."

Saylor, we love Aldi too - and I'm probably going to do this for my 30th.