'Moon Brows' are the latest online beauty trend

'Moon Brows' are the latest online beauty trend

The worlds of beauty and fashion are ever changing, and if nothing else, they've taught us that every so often, we humans lose sight of all that is right and holy (well, that's what my grandma would say) and favor some seriously bizarre trends.

Cast in point, "moon brows". (I'll give you a clue: this one is all in the name.)

Yeah... That's something I've spent the 26 years without seeing, and to be honest, something I could easily have gone the rest of my life without ever knowing. Unless you're a model on a space-themed photoshoot, moon brows are never going to be a good idea.

And thankfully, there's an understandable twist in the story behind the viral moon brows pictures.

They aren't quite what they appear to be and have actually been photoshopped onto models by artist and modeling agent owner, Stefan James.

Prior to establishing Skyz Agency, James had an Instagram page dedicated to bizarre beauty and style trends, @skyzedits, which drew "comparisons between natural beauty and makeup, with an aim to highlight public interpretations of beauty in today's society."

He explained: "I gained some amazing friends and connections with the models who I did the edits of and now I personally manage them."

Speaking to UNILAD, James said that he created moon brows after Instagram influencer Hayley Bui told him how much she loves the moon.

"I just turned it into an eyebrow style as editing is my thing," he confessed.

While you'd expect reactions to moon brows to be predominantly negative, they've actually proved to be surprisingly divisive. Some social media users have said they "love" it, whereas others have branded moon brows "weird" and "scary".

An Instagram comment. Credit: Instagram / @ellieeewbu

An Instagram comment. Credit: Instagram / @nina.love9

"It's all about creativity for me," James ultimately said of his creation. "I guess closed minded people don't really like to see change. However, we're living in a new era and being creative and thinking outside the box is probably one of the best things."