New York cab driver coaches woman through childbirth in the most New York way possible

New York cab driver coaches woman through childbirth in the most New York way possible

It's almost a TV sitcom or movie cliché to have a pregnant woman give birth on her way to the hospital, but one New York cab driver had a crazy experience when a female passenger actually gave birth on his backseat.

I bet he didn't think he'd be dropping off one more passenger than he picked up when he started driving that day.

Incredibly, the entire incident was captured on his dashcam, as we see a man and a woman in the back seat. She's laying down and moaning, then all of a sudden, she says: "Oh no, she's coming!" Then s**t hits the fan.

Watch the crazy birth below, and just listen to the most New York birth you've ever seen:

The passenger spreads her legs and begins yelling, just as any woman in childbirth would. As the backseat panic becomes palpable, the driver decides it's his time to step up. He starts his instruction off slow, telling the soon-to-be-mom to breathe and spread her legs.

But then she says the baby's head is suddenly in her hands (which is a crazy thing to yell in the back of a cab). To make sure his ears didn't deceive him, the cabbie turns around to check. Sure enough, it's true. His response? "Do the magic" - which I can only assume means to push it out. Goodness gracious, I hope they're close to a hospital.

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The man in the backseat helps to deliver the child while the driver continues doing just that, driving. His eyes are on the road, but his mind is on the status of his leather seats. All of a sudden, the baby pops out. And the driver has a few words of praise: "That's it, shut it down."

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His next instructions are: "Just don't get the seat messy. God bless the baby." But his help doesn't stop there. He instructs the father how to clean the baby and, when the dad starts panicking that the baby isn't crying, the driver reassures him that it's okay: "Just clean it up, go to the hospital, check it in."

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But before they can get to their final destination, the driver has one final request: "You better hook me up with a little extra for the car wash." The man in the backseat responds: "Man, I'm broke. I didn't think this sh*t was going to happen."

We're not sure whether or not he pulled through with some extra cash, but that kid has one hell of a story to tell people when they grow up. And it'll be on video for the rest of their life.