No-one can figure out whether this photo is of a beach or a door and it's dividing the internet

No-one can figure out whether this photo is of a beach or a door and it's dividing the internet

Remember the whole 'Yanny' versus 'Laurel' thing? Well, that's old news now and there's a brand new mystery on the street.

That's right. While you'd think the internet would eventually get bored of arguing issues like whether a dress is blue or gold, you'd be completely wrong and I'd be willing to bet that you yourself will get overly involved in this new intriguing conundrum that the online world is offering us all.

The latest unsolved puzzle? Does a viral photo show a door or a beach?

The debate began when Twitter user @rebeccareilly posted the image online asking "Is this a door or a beach??? Hahahaha", adding a poll for people all over the world to vote in.

Amazingly, her post received almost 20,000 retweets and more than 32,658 likes on Twitter, with the poll getting 222,140 votes so far and the enigma setting the online world on fire.

So, let's dive in. Door or beach?

The main problem with the image is that it could easily be either, with people online getting pretty passionate about their opinions on this.

Twitter users who insisted it was a door pushed hard, with @Oj_Angel7 writing "Does this really look like a beach??? jesus, its a FREAKING DOOR [sic]." He was joined by a passionate user going by the username of @trystanleigh_14  who shared how exactly he believed it was a door. "Not like the whole door, like the edge of it," he wrote. "Like the blue is the door, the greenish color is the trim around it, and then the white is the wall".

Hundreds of others heartily agreed, with some writing that "the sky can’t look that perfect" and asking their enemies "how tf you see a beach".

However, advocates of "beach" weren't happy with this sort of nonsense and went into battle. "What part of this is meant to be a door? I'm trying to see a door but I can't," wrote @JakeTodd10. Fellow Twitter user @Lucasarmand21 agreed, commenting "To all of you saying, “the sky can’t be that perfect”, “the water can’t change color like that” have clearly never seen the ocean. HOW in the fuvk is tha perceived as a door? [sic]"

@blckbangtan also put her two cents in, writing: "The darker the color, the deeper the water is from the bottom. It kinda looks like a beach to me and the greenish color near the sand is natural. I can still be wrong tho. Guy who took the pic should appear now before a new world war breaks out. [sic]"

Others remained on the fence, unable to choose a camp. @WINEXXFINE was in complete confusion, writing "Broooo wth  looks like a door but when you turn it around it’s a beach" whereas @maybezeg stated she was seeing both at the same time.

So guys, door or beach? Someone please decide and put the issue to rest!