Pinterest reveals the fastest growing beauty trends for each country and the results may surprise you 

Pinterest reveals the fastest growing beauty trends for each country and the results may surprise you 

All around the world, women love playing with different makeup looks. It's a way of expressing yourself and enhancing your best features, and so naturally, we all like to do our hair, nails and makeup in our own unique ways.

But it turns out that there are certain trends that develop, and they can be seen depending on what country you live in. According to a "Global beauty report" published by Pinterest a few days ago, there are a few clear trends that can be identified from makeup-lovers all around the world right now. The social media site analysed the 207 million boards dedicated to all things beauty, containing 8 billion beauty ideas that were pinned, and were able to establish which nations were loving what.

From Japan preferring natural, peachy tones, to South Africans going all out with glitter and bold cat-eyes, here are the current beauty trends around the world right now.


According to the most popular Pinterest searches, Brits are big fans of silver eyeshadow right now, as well as styling their hair into casual side-buns.


Australians are also into the shimmery eyeshadow, with most of them searching for rose gold inspiration. They were also the nation searching most for pink hair and marble nails – quirky!


The ladies of Spain are some of the most enthusiastic fans of Russian Volume Lash Extensions, with searches going up by a whopping 700 per cent. When it comes to nails, colour-blocking by painting each nail a different colour is a big thing at the moment too.


Searches for wine-coloured lips were up in the South American country, and there appeared to be more searches for how to style box braids this year too.


Germans were searching for pixie cuts a lot, showing that they're into shorter hair at the moment. "Baby boomer nails" were the top talon search in the European nation.


The French were also searching for the baby boomer nails, which are also known as a modern take on the classic French Manicure. Searches in France were also up for artistic makeup, showing they're not afraid of anything too bold!


Searches for braids were up by 445 per cent, which means more and more Americans are looking at ways to get creative with their hair. Ombre nails seemed to be more of a thing that ombre hair at the moment too.


In Japan, the home of many skincare and makeup brands beloved by people all over the world, searches for orange blush were far more popular than traditional pink shades this year.

South Africa

Cat-eye makeup searches were up, and glitter makeup seems to be all the rage there too. As for hair, South Africans are looking for inspiration for twisted braids.


Glitter was also considered a makeup must-have, and searches increased for open bangs or "flequillo abierto".

Well, have you noticed any of these trends popping up in your country?