Pizza Hut apologizes to 'heartbroken' customer after ice cream mix-up

Pizza Hut apologizes to 'heartbroken' customer after ice cream mix-up

This year, I think it's a pretty sure bet that a lot of the New Year's Resolutions you'll hear over the next few days have to do with healthy eating. When you consider how many plant-based diets are popping up all over the place, there's a good chance you'll be talking to quite a few new vegans.

But successful people are always aware that the first steps in any achievement are often the most difficult -and the most crucial - so any setback in those early, habit-forming days could be devastating. On that note, this man taking baby steps in veganism will have been disappointed to have broken habit so quickly.

Kori Swabey Credit: Facebook

Kori Paul Swabey, who's 23 years old, stepped into a Pizza Hut in Plymouth excited to try out the plant-based fare at the fast food chain, having made the transition into the plant life just a few days prior. He'd just finished chowing down on a jackfruit pizza, when he had a hankering for dessert.

Eyeing up the Unlimited Ice Cream Factory, Kori asked a nearby waitress if there was a vegan ice cream option, and was told that yes, there was. "The woman went away and came back and ensured me that their ice cream factory is vegan. I asked if the toppings are all vegan too and the waitress said yes," Kori recalled.

But as he went over to the bar, he noticed something was off. "As I went over to try it, I checked the ingredients on the back of the sauce toppings and saw they contained milk."

"I went back to the table and told my friends, who told me to just eat the ice cream because the waitress wouldn't be wrong. Then when I got home, I tweeted about the new vegan menu and the fact the ice cream there is vegan too, which Pizza Hut themselves replied to tell me it isn't."

Pizza Hut Credit: Getty

Having embarked on such an important journey, Kori was devastated. 'This is appalling. I am outraged - heartbroken in fact," he explained, although he's only been vegan for a short time.

"I feel like my lifestyle has been mocked. It's a mistake that shouldn't have happened, I could have had an allergy to milk. Even though I haven't been vegan long, it's still something I'm passionate and serious about. I should be able to eat somewhere and know exactly what it is I'm eating."

When Kori complained to the manager, he was offered a free meal, but the 23-year-old says he won't be eating at Pizza Hut again any time soon. For their part in the ordeal, Pizza Hut offered an apology to Kori,

"All of our staff receive specialist training, however due to the variety of ingredients used within the restaurant menu, and the diverse range of enquiries, as a rule we do direct guests to check the information for themselves through the formats available. We're sorry that in this instance, the wrong information was given to the customer as a result of human error."

Pizza Hut Credit: Getty

Pizza Hut added that they're taking the appropriate action to ensure it didn't happen again.