Pregnant model stuns Instagram followers with 'tiny' 7-month baby bump

Pregnant model stuns Instagram followers with 'tiny' 7-month baby bump

Homo sapiens have been around for hundreds of thousands of years now - but the human body never stops surprising us.

Model Belle Lucia was there to show trolls that pregnancy looks different on every woman when she cradled her tiny baby bump on social media this week.

The 24-year-old looked fabulous on Instagram, wearing pink and blue underwear and posing on a bed at 27-weeks pregnant.

In her caption, she wrote: "Swipe right and comment below on your gender prediction? Ps. lounge recently launched these beautiful new sets #lingerie #blue #pink".

In a post from last week, the Australian influencer told her 1.4 million followers she had gained 10kg with her 26-week pregnancy body, with her baby "roughly the size of a papaya and 36cms long".

"Gained a total of 10KGS (so far, still got a while to go!) Loving my pregnancy body, weight gain isn’t a negative thing! Dont [sic] ever feel ashamed 🙌🤰🏼Baby is roughly the size of a papaya and 36cms long #26weekspregnant#everyonesdifferent #bump #baby#pregnancy," she wrote.

However, she left people online stunned with both uploads, with many Instagrammers not realising that baby bumps can come in any shape or size.

"I'm literally so intrigued with your pregnancy, it's amazing how little your tummy is :O I can't believe how different everyone's bodies can be!!" wrote @essdielle.

"You literally have not gained any baby weight wtf?" added @kelsealeighhh.

Sadly, Belle was forced to defend herself against one Instagrammer who commented claiming they would feel "so robbed to experience pregnancy without a round belly".

Writing back to @_nicky_mcewan, Belle put "Why? I still experience kicks and everything else the same as any other pregnancy 🤷🏼‍♀️".

In addition, Belle, who is just going into her third trimester, responded to @gemsah89's "Are u sure 27 weeks?" question, confirming that her caption was completely accurate.

"@gemsah89 Yes I’m sure 😂 I got pregnant last year 🙊❤️... my uterus is completely normal a tilted uterus makes you show less but I don’t have that," she put.

Thanks to Belle for showing us that baby bumps can come in all shapes and sizes - and you shouldn't be ashamed of any of them!