12 Husbands and boyfriends who need to be dumped on the spot

12 Husbands and boyfriends who need to be dumped on the spot

Ladies, do you ever have moments where you look at your boyfriend or husband and think, "why do I do this to myself?" You're definitely not alone, with most girlfriends and wives around the world having these split-second relationship crises on a regular basis. But, we have to admit, when our partners mess up, it sometimes can be pretty damn hilarious - if not for us, for the people on social media, who inevitably find out all about these slip-ups.

If you want evidence of this, look no further and prepare yourself for some of the most ridiculous things that husbands and boyfriends out there have ever done. After you see these, you'll be ever thankful for your own partners, who have likely never taken a jubilant selfie when you're in the middle of giving birth, or burned you on social media in front of the whole world. Luckily for the men on this list, they seem to have comedy value going for them, so I guess they can stay after all.

This boyfriend who needs to be educated about menstrual cycles

This husband who needs to learn that the appropriate time to take a grinning selfie is not while your wife is giving birth

This husband whose master plan to never be asked to unpack the toilet paper again worked

The husband before was obviously friends with this guy

This 6'2 husband who hung a mirror for his 5'1 girlfriend

This boyfriend who "looked after" his girlfriend when she was too drunk

This boyfriend who trolled his girlfriend to hell

This boyfriend whose caption game was savage

Likewise with this one

This boyfriend who clearly wasn't marriage material

This boyfriend who should be binned, not for his joke, but for his creepy as hell stare

And finally, this boyfriend whose new phone needs to be thrown out the window

You want to know a lady who won't take any rubbish when it comes to men? Rihanna, of course. All of us ladies can definitely relate to the reason she broke up with her last boyfriend...