21-year-old 'sugar baby' says that rich 'daddies' have bought her three houses

21-year-old 'sugar baby' says that rich 'daddies' have bought her three houses

Most of us, at some point or another, have probably taken a look at our lives and thought, "I wish someone else could just pay for everything." Well, for one 21-year-old woman, that's a reality.

Cluam Sutherland, from Melbourne, Australia, has three long-term sugar daddies who fund her entire life: from her clothes and her food, to her two apartments and three-bedroom house in the city. Two of them live internationally (one in Japan and another in Sweden), while the third lives near her in Melbourne. And none of them know that the others exist.

"Together, unbeknownst from each other, they fund my whole lifestyle," she told the Daily Mail. "All it takes is an exchange of deep connection, just like a long term relationship. In their eyes I'm a partner to rely on for conversation, reassurance, entertainment and sexual relations."

Sutherland, who has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube, says she does not disclose detailed information about her "daddies" online in order to protect their identities.

"I keep [details about] my relationships away from my online presence, so the reality of who I'm dating, their job title and our arrangement details are kept secret, obviously for privacy reasons both ways," she said.

"I believe the reality of my sugar baby lifestyle is mundane and might be seen as boring content so I detail nearly faux stories, humour and other dramas all the whilst filming in actual sugar daddy funded locations whether that be overseas, in one of my apartments or my three bedroom townhouse in Melbourne."

The 21-year-old has met men through various different platforms, but social media seems to be a reliable point of content for sugar daddies. One of her partners, the man from Sweden, actually found her on Snapchat.

"I always assumed the sugar daddy came from a sugar baby site but I don't know. To me it was so normal to have an influx of men messaging me on Snapchat," Sutherland said.

And, despite funding her lifestyle, this particular man has no interest in meeting her in person.

"He refuses to meet me. He's more than happy to keep our three year relationship online - presumably away from his business and family life - but after all the support he's provided me over the years I truly would love to meet him someday.

"I've even been learning Swedish phrases and attempted Swedish language night school at one moment in time but got rejected on an attempt to flirt with the professor and had to cease attendance out of embarrassment."

Sutherland says that, between balancing three relationships, she has very little time for herself - but she's grateful for the lifestyle she's been able to live as a result.

"I'm constantly finessing to ensure they don't have enough of me and move on," she said. "I'm fully aware none of these men owe me anything, it's just what's happening. I'm in a lucky situation."

She continued: "The truth of my arrangements is simply freedom to bank accounts. I know of 'allowances' and gifts being arranged, but that's just not where I stand with my sugar daddies at this point in the relationships.

"It has been years and I'm truthful to each of them about every aspect of who else I'm seeing, what I share online and I keep trustworthy with the expenses."

"Every expense is afforded by these men in my life to the point I don't know where the money goes or how much my bills are," she said.

"I'm very forward with identifying myself as being supported by sugar daddy arrangements across my social media platforms to my thousands of viewers and followers, but when it comes to in person interaction I'll usually just admit to being a YouTuber or social media influencer."

Sutherland admits that it's been difficult for her to get new sugar daddies since she's been so public about her current arrangements, but - given that she's already loaded - it doesn't seem like she really needs any more at this point.