6-year-old boy sets up lemonade stand to fulfil father's dying wish to take mom on a date

6-year-old boy sets up lemonade stand to fulfil father's dying wish to take mom on a date

A lemonade stand is a great way to teach kids the basics about entrepreneurship, the value of a dollar, and the importance of hard work. But these tyke-sized business ventures are typically just a way for kids to raise some funds for pocket money, and to buy sweets or toys.

But this week, a six-year-old boy's efforts have gone viral, after he set up his own lemonade stand for a very noble, and heartwarming, reason. Brady Campbell, who hails from Denver in Colorado, wanted to fulfil his father, Brandon Campbell's dying wish to take his mother out on a date after he passed away.

Since Brady lacked the funds, he resolved to sell lemonade in a bid to take his mother out the way his dad wanted him to.

Charging 25 cents each for a cup of the homemade beverage, Brady managed to raise a whopping $244 on his first day.

When a neighbour learned about the boys initiative, they decided to lend a hand by setting up a virtual lemonade stand via a GoFundMe page. Through this, the altruistic boy has managed to raise approximately $8,400, which will be donated to the Brandon Campbell Memorial Fund at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus.

Commenting on her son's endeavour in a recent interview, Brady's mom Amanda stated: "It was amazing. You could just feel the warmth and energy and such a positive thing in such a tragic time for us. It really lifted our spirits and really made Brady so happy. Brandon was a savvy businessman and wanted to teach Brady all those lessons, and I could just [see] it happening. It made my heart really happy."

She added: "Maybe we will have our Friday night date night. Brandon and I used to do that, so I think we will start that and take the time to spend that time together."

Brandon Campbell died as a result of colon cancer on July 7. He was 37.

It's clear he will be missed by his family, but it seems as though Brady and Amanda will be looking out for each other.