7 things the average American has accomplished by age 35

7 things the average American has accomplished by age 35

After you graduate from college, time passes quickly. You pursue your career, explore the dating scene, and try to figure out which critically acclaimed TV show you should watch in your limited free time. Then you look at social media and it's like a splash of cold water. On Facebook, your friends brag about their success and share photos of their babies, and you can't help but wonder: Am I falling behind? How does my life compare to other people my age? And why did the last photo I uploaded only get three likes?!

Business Insider looked at data from multiple sources about typical life goals, like buying a home and starting a family. Here are 7 things the average American has accomplished by age 35.

1. Getting married

The average 35-year-old in the United States is married, according to the US Census Bureau. The most common age for men to marry is 29, while the most common age for women to marry is 27.

2. Having a kid

If you grew up in a small town like me, you probably noticed your high school friends were popping out kids right after graduation. That's not the norm, but most people have a kid by the time they hit 35. According to the Associated Press, the average American woman has her first child by age 28.

3. Buying a home

It is cheaper to rent, or to buy? It's a tough decision, and whether you live in the boondocks or a metropolis plays a major factor.  According to The New York Times, the average age for first-time homeowners is 32.

4. Making a salary of about $50,000

Salary is always an awkward issue. How do you know you're getting paid fairly, compared to your co-workers or to other people your age? According to SmartAsset, the average 35-year-old has an salary of $49,400, earning roughly $950 a week. So, if you're making less than that, ask for a raise. And if you're making more than that, ask for a pay cut.

5. A net worth of about $14,000

Not including home equity, average 35-year-olds have a net worth of $14,226, according to SmartAsset. That's not a huge figure, so this fact may be pretty depressing. But the good news is, $14,266 can buy a lot of alcohol to drown your sorrows.

6. A debt of about $130,000

All those car payments, student loan payments and trips to the strip club add up. According to Time, the average 35-year-old American is $133,100 in debt. To quote the great poet Christopher Wallace, "Mo' money, no' problems."

7. Held at least 11 jobs

When it comes to careers, it's okay to be a total slut, jumping from job to job to job. According to The Balance, the average American has had 11 jobs by the time they turn 35. Our grandparents were content to work one job for the rest of their lives, but our generation is always seeking new opportunities.

Well, now you know what most Americans have accomplished by age 35. But if you feel like you're coming up short, don't stress out too much.  As long as you're happy with your life, that's all that matters.