Age-defying mom of three reveals how she gets asked out 100 times a month by younger men

Age-defying mom of three reveals how she gets asked out 100 times a month by younger men

On the face of it, Tanya Jaksha look like a very young looking 50-year-old who has defied the process of ageing. However, while her youthful looks are undoubtedly impressive, her dating profile is even more so.

Tanya, who is a glamorous mom of three, is the owner of one of the most successful dating profiles for over-50s on an "elite" dating website. The mom says that she gets "overwhelmed" by the number of messages that she receives on the divisive 'Beautiful People' website.

Working as a full-time compliance specialist, Tanya says that she treats anti-ageing as a 'sport' and claims to have had over 100 messages a month from potential suitors asking to take her out on a date.

Tanya says that she has enjoyed some luxurious dates as a result of her dating profile, with her being chauffeured in limousines and being handed credit cards to go on shopping sprees. However, despite her looks, Tanya says that her sister was always considered the "beautiful" one when they were younger.

Beautiful People - the website of which Tanya uses - allows members to vote on whether outsiders can join the website, with "ugly" people being refused entry.

Tanya, who hails from Omaha, Nebraska, joined the website in 2011 but wasn't active due to the fact that she swiftly got engaged. Now single, the mom is using the website to find her Prince Charming. She said:

"I joined out of curiosity and to see if I could get in. I really didn’t have any expectations.

"When I was accepted I was flattered. I don’t think people on the site are necessarily conventionally attractive.

"It’s a lot more like modelling. If you have a strong look, whatever it is, people on the site find you intriguing and vote ‘yes’.

"Beauty is more than just what’s on the outside.”

Tanya says that the site is "entertaining" and that she enjoys talking to people from all around the world. She said:

"You never know who will want to connect with you from day to day.

"They could be next door or on the other side of the world. I love that. It can be overwhelming trying to respond to everyone. It’s a really active site.

"I have had a lot of adventures. One guy sent me a limo from another state, put me up in a hotel suite, took me to his company Christmas party, gave me a blank cheque to buy Christmas presents for all the women in his office, and something for myself of course. It was so fun.

"But a great date for me can just be talking over a couple of drinks. An interesting conversation is my favourite thing and intelligence is a must.

"Fortunately I’ve found that even though the site is based on looks, everyone I have met has been smart and successful as well."

Tanya doesn't just get compliments from people on the site, she claims to receive them on the day-to-day.

Tanya said:

"I do often get compliments on how I look day to day, and the older I get the more I appreciate it. I put a lot of work into fighting ageing and I know I don’t look like I did 20 years ago so every compliment is like a little victory.

"I realise most people are OK with ageing gracefully, but I have always been interested in beauty and there are so many things available to us now to hold off the visible sings for as long as possible.

"It’s fascinating to me. It’s like a sport."

But what does Tanya look for in a guy, it's pretty simple:

"I like those confident alpha males, and they need to be smart, funny, and a little offbeat.

"Being older I’m attracted to men who are gentlemen. Opening doors, sending flowers, actually calling instead of texting. I love those little gestures."

So there you have it, gents; if you want to score yourselves a date with Tanya, simply be a nice bloke. Oh, it also helps if you're 'good looking' as you won't even get to message her otherwise.