Beauty blogger teaches women how to date billionaires and people are conflicted

Beauty blogger teaches women how to date billionaires and people are conflicted

The dating scene is a fickle business. Unless you're a conventionally attractive human being who's generally doing alright for themselves in life, the chances of you scoring a partner who fits into that category are incredibly low. And that's just sort of how things go: the hot people date the hot people, and the rest of us do our own thing.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, there's so much more to romantic compatibility than whether or not someone fits into society's ideals of a 10/10.

Still, dating is very much a game, and, depending on how you play it, you could win a different prize. Some play for sex, others for love, and, on occasion, a number of people play for money. And for those in this latter category, one blogger has set up a 'school of affluence' in order to teach her ways of scoring dates with rich guys.

Anna Bey, a beauty blogger, has set up a social media-based "school" to share her tips on dating with her 18,000 followers. Through YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and even the occasional TV interview, Bey divulges her modes and methods of attracting wealthy guys.

"Living an affluent life (or the journey towards it!) is not always easy - but the rewards can make it become worth it!" Bey says.

"The reason why I decided to create an online training program in this unusual niche, is because I wish someone would have held my hand in the process when I decided to level up in life! 

"It would have saved me both time and headache, but also the advantage of not having to learn it the hard way. There are many things to think about when you enter the world of the rich, especially learning to walk in the dark alleys. Like in any communities, there are good people and there are bad people. Anyone who navigates in the upper-levels of society will stumble upon these people. But it’s important how you protect yourself as a woman and being clever in your actions."

But, of course, not everybody approves of her doing this.

"They call a woman gold-digger because she enjoy’s the finer things in life," Bey writes on Instagram. "One of the many ugly stereotypes (whore, slut, bitch, witch etc) women get called as soon as they don’t do what 'society' (aka MEN & competitive women) approve of what they do.

"People love shaming women, have opinions on women, scrutinize women to every little detail. They love finding stuff to pick on. I always wondered why? Is it to elevate yourself? Is it to feel better with your own life in that moment?"

She goes on:

"I want to live in a society where I don’t need to hide the fact that my man spoils me, takes care of me financially, me living a comfortable lifestyle and enjoying the finer things in life. Men don’t get bashed for being extravagant, live lavishly and how they spend their money. Why do women get labels like sugarbaby, escort, gold-digger, hooker as soon as she is living it up? -
I can’t shut my mouth on this and I won’t."

On the one hand, Bey is totally gaming the system in order to live a lavish lifestyle without working for it. On the other, though, she's being totally honest about it. If guys don't want to date her and spend money on her, they don't have to.

Ultimately, this is a system that came about because men were entitled to riches that women were not, and now Bey is claiming some of that back by dating. If you think that's such a bad thing, that's fine - don't do it yourself. If you're open to the idea of maybe making yourself more appealing to certain men in order to climb the social ladder a little, however, then maybe you should check her out.

Remember, everyone plays the dating game - you just might be competing for different things.