Boyfriend spots suspicious detail in girl's text message and things escalate really quick

Boyfriend spots suspicious detail in girl's text message and things escalate really quick

Back in ye olde days, it must have been really easy to have a fling with someone. All you'd have to do is make some excuse about needing to do something a few dozen miles away, saddle up your horse, and neglect to include details of the raunchy affair when you wrote home to your spouse.

In 2018, however, there's no chance of that.

People are always Whatsapping and Facebooking and Instagramming and lord knows what else - and any change in that kind of routine (especially between couples) always raises suspicion. What's more, because of how often we take selfies and other pictures of our surroundings, it's so much easier to leave a trail of evidence for things that we might otherwise not want people to see.

So, when one guy had an inkling that his girlfriend, Jackie, might have been messing around behind his back, he made sure to pay very close attention to the messages she sent him. And, sure enough, she slipped up.

The conversation started in a fairly normal (albeit slightly naughty) way, with Jackie sending her bf a sneaky little picture of herself in the bathroom, along with an excuse about why she was texting late.

So far, so plausible. But then it gets a little more suspect.

Jackie's boyfriend texts her back asking for another naughty picture (and, really, can you blame the guy?) but what he gets back is a little more than he bargained for.

Something in the second picture sets off alarm bells in the boyfriend's head. Have you spotted what it is?

If you avert your eyes from the nudey lady for long enough, you'll notice there's a suitcase in the bottom left-hand corner. Now, to you or I, this doesn't seem suspect at all; Jackie has gone travelling, so why wouldn't she bring her case with her?

Well, the thing is... that's not her case. And Jackie's boyfriend knows it.

Nevertheless, Jackie tries to brush off his line of questioning as casually as she can - with a dirty pic thrown in for good measure, of course.

To argue her case further, Jackie prompts her boyfriend to call the hotel and ask to be put through to room 1422. What she doesn't count on, though, is that he'll give her name to the receptionist.

And this is where it starts to get super cringe-worthy.

Ooooh someone's been rumbled! Should've gone with the traditional sext instead of the modern-day nude, eh Jackie?

But it didn't end there. Jackie's boyfriend then went all out and sent her this absolute slam-dunk of a text chain:

So folks, the lesson here is obvious: don't send nudes. Ha, just kidding, nudes are great. No, the real lesson here is that you shouldn't cheat on your other half.

Or, if you're going to anyway: don't send them any evidence of your infidelity.

Ha, no - kidding again. Seriously, though, don't go messing around behind your partner's back. Otherwise, it could be you coming home to a lawn full of trash bags and a story about you on VT. So unless you want me joking about your nudes, I'd take my advice.