Brother and sister arrested for fight over who was riding shotgun

Brother and sister arrested for fight over who was riding shotgun

Ever since Cain and Abel, siblings have been fighting for a variety of reasons. Whether it's about who's going to get the top bunk or who gets first go on the PlayStation, brothers and sisters are guaranteed to wage war for the rest of time.

However, despite the fact most sibling disputes are solved over a heated game of Mario Kart, one brother and sister have been arrested in the US for fighting over the most prestigious of all sibling rights - riding shotgun.

Now, I'm sure we can all agree that riding shotgun is a privilege that is certainly worth fighting over - but very rarely are the cops called over such a dispute. However, when a fight between Bret and Brianna Brezenski from the town of Olyphant in Pennsylvania reached boiling point, cops had to intervene.

Check out the chaotic story below:

The brother and sister are now facing charges of simple assault and resisting arrest.

The dispute started when 27-year-old Bret picked up his 20-year-old sister from work. However, Brianna quickly took umbrage with the fact Bret's girlfriend was riding in the front seat of the car.

Cue the brawl.

The brother and sister's fight became so heated that several nearby workers (who were trying to spread joy by setting up the town's Christmas tree) rushed over when they saw Bret's girlfriend in distress. Cops were called shortly after.

Speaking to local news outlet WNEP, Olyphant Police Chief James Devoe said: "They [the workers] called me and said 'there's a girl, they're keeping hostage in the car and she's yelling for help'."

Devoe then explained that when he arrived at the scene, the car sped off and a chase ensued.

"Traffic was packed, they were driving like animals. Stuff you could have flipped a coin over, and now we have people who could have gotten killed," Devoe added.

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And despite cooperating with the officer once the chase ended, Bret soon became aggressive once Devoe had put down his weapon. Devoe said: "I got him calmed down for a second and told him 'get up against the car', but as soon as he saw me put my weapon down, he attacked me again, so I picked him up and threw him into the grass."

Then (yes, it doesn't end there), out of nowhere, Brianna attacked the Chief. She was swiftly detained once back-up arrived.

As for the girlfriend - who has remained anonymous as the victim - she has since filed for a restraining order against both of the siblings, as well as other members of the Brezenski family.

Both suspects have refused to comment on the incident.