Childhood friends who met the day after they were born get married 30 years later

Childhood friends who met the day after they were born get married 30 years later

Some romances last a lifetime - and Jemma and Daniel Langley's is one of them.

Their incredible love story began when their mothers, Janine and Keryn, both went into labour on the same day and were placed in beds next to each other at the William Angliss Hospital in Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia, in April 1989.

Waiting to deliver their children, the two women soon bonded and introduced their newborns - who were born a day apart - straight away.

Jemma and Daniel Langley Credit: Jemma Langley/Instagram

The two children became fast friends, but with each family living in different parts of Victoria - Jemma’s in Emerald and Daniel’s in Monbulk - the pair unfortunately lost touch when they were nine years old.

It could have been game over - but in 2013, when both were 24 years old, they met again by a twist of fate.

When Jemma stumbled across a hairdressing page on Facebook that belonged to Daniel's sister, Rhiannon, she began following her and soon after decided to track down her old friend Daniel.

Jemma and Daniel Langley Credit: Jemma Langley/Instagram

The two began talking over messenger and when Jemma booked an appointment to have her hair coloured at Daniel's sister's hair salon, sparks soon flew.

"I booked an appointment with Rhiannon to have my hair coloured. Rhiannon's salon is set up at Janine's house which is also where both her and Daniel were living," she told the Mail Online. "So when I was in the middle of my appointment Daniel turned up and popped in to say hello. He went in for a kiss on the cheek, but ended up with hair dye on his hat. We both laughed but I think he was a little upset."

After their reintroduction, the two arranged to go out together one evening - and ever since then have been completely inseparable.

Jemma and Daniel Langley Credit: Jemma Langley/Instagram

"From then we couldn't get enough of seeing each other. On Mother's Day in 2014 we officially became a couple," explained Jemma.

The childhood sweethearts became engaged on New Year's Eve in 2016 at a picnic dinner at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, and were married just over a year later in April 2017 at Mont Du Soleil in Kallista, Victoria.

Three decades after that first meeting in the hospital, they are expecting a bundle of joy of their own. The loved-up pair will welcome their first child in March next year.

Jemma and Daniel Langley Credit: Jemma Langley/Instagram

"Everyone thinks our story is so crazy," Jemma told the Mail Online, adding: "I think we were meant to be together".

It just goes to show, you can meet the love of your life at any time in life - even the day you were born.