Dad embarrasses daughter with elaborate airport pick-up signs

Dad embarrasses daughter with elaborate airport pick-up signs

Like many of you, I'll be flying home for the holidays.

Now, plane journeys can be arduous at the best of times. Cramped conditions, rude passengers, and awful in-flight meals can easily put you in a bad mood. However, there's nothing quite like the overwhelming feeling of love that can rush over you when you see your family waiting for you at the arrivals gate.

It's only natural to hate flying with gross passengers like this onboard:

Well, that's the case for most of us. But for one young woman, she is filled with a hilarious embarrassment whenever she arrives at Kansas City airport, as her father repeatedly greets her with elaborate and hilarious pick-up signs.

Prepare yourself, because there's some serious dad humor coming up...

Taking to Twitter to share her father's sense of humor, Courtney Payne uploaded several photos and videos that would leave most of us red-faced. It's safe to say she's probably never had trouble picking him out of a crowd.

Payne captioned the selection of pictures: "Every time my dad picks me up from the airport he makes a sign..."

In one photo, Payne's father can be seen waving a sign that describes her as "Miss Oregon", and in another, it simply says "Kardashian". One sign even pokes fun at the fact Courtney looks like country singer Miranda Lambert.

On one occasion, Courtney's dad upped the ante by turning up to the arrivals gate dressed as an elf and holding a sign that says "Santa’s naughty list, Courtney Payne".

Courtney also delighted her followers by sharing some videos of her initial reaction

The original post has since amassed a huge 58,000+ likes and 4,600+ retweets (as of this writing). In fact, in the video below, Courtney's dad was flummoxed by all the attention his antics had been receiving:

The post has also received a number of comments from Twitter users praising Courtney's father's dedication.

One person typed: "You are lucky to have such a lovely (and reliable) dad."

"Oh my god," wrote Twitter user, who claims to have witnessed Payne’s father’s antics firsthand. "I literally saw him in the elf costume yesterday working at Starbucks and I was like what???"

And one frequent flyer just seemed excited that Courtney's dad was adding to the weirdness of Kansas City Airport: "KCI is such a weird airport. Thank your dad for making it the good kind of weird while he's there."

But I think Lauren Hannah summed it up best when she said: "can you ask your dad if he will adopt me because my dad SUCKS".