Desperate dad 'breastfeeds' with photo of mom over face

Desperate dad 'breastfeeds' with photo of mom over face

Getting a baby, who is accustomed to breastfeeding, to drink from a bottle instead is no mean feat. Of course, some infants deal with the transition fairly well; others, however, persistently refuse to drink milk from an unfamiliar source - ''unfamiliar'' being the keyword here.

Babies are wary of the unknown; they're much more comfortable around things or people they have grown accustomed to. Recognising this fact, one clever dad from Capim Gross in Brazil, decided the only way to get his baby to drink from a bottle was to ''disguise'' himself as the child's mother and ''breastfeed'' the little one.

Check out the bizarre moment the man breastfeeds his baby with a photo of his mother attached to his face:

I use the term 'disguise' very loosely - basically, he attached a photo of the baby’s mother to his face and wore it like a mask. Then the dedicated father put on a bra (upside down, I might add) and fixed the bottle inside before successfully feeding his child with the makeshift breastfeeding device.

When the unconventional hack was posted to social media, commenters, mainly parents, couldn't wait to give their two cents, many of them praising the father for his nifty trick.

"This should be titled as ''dad being cool ten minutes straight," one user wrote.

"So cute but babies know their mom's scent and voice lol that's why he's hesitant good job daddy so sweet," added another.

baby Credit: Viral Hog

Not everyone, however, was as enthused by the baby feeding method:

"This contraption is going to confuse this sweet baby! Stop this madness," one commenter wrote. "Think of something else cleaner. Like a nanny!"

"So my husband used to bottle feed ours when me and my breasts were resting knowing mum and dad both provide food isn't confusing for a newborn, this is just odd and completely pointless," another chimed in.

Well, I guess you can't please everybody!