Four-year-old uses sign language to interpret film for deaf parents

Four-year-old uses sign language to interpret film for deaf parents

Four-year-old Gabriel Toseland is already able to use sign language to interpret television shows and movies for her parents, who are both deaf.

The toddler began learning how to sign when he was just four months old, and now he is able to sign shows and movies for his mother, Abigail, and her partner, Conor.

Recently, as the family sat next to their Christmas tree in Cheshire, England, Abigail managed to capture the moment where Gabriel interpreted a film on camera, and it's safe to say that the internet thought it was totally heartwarming

Watch as this father signs a wedding song for a deaf bride: 

Since being posted on Sunday the 22nd December, the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Speaking to the Metro, 26-year-old Abigail said: "He first started to learn to sign with baby sign, saying things such as milk, bath and nappy. He has picked up more and more sign language over time and he has become very natural."

"We felt that it’s important to teach him so he can communicate with us without any frustration or communication barrier. As both parents faced a lot of barriers growing up, we want him to be able to use both languages. He’s a CODA (child of deaf adults) and his bilingualism are fantastic," she continued.

Abigail has been teaching her son words as and when he needs them. "I teach him by speaking as I sign so he picks it up. For example, I would sign milk before giving it to him. He’s a fantastic fast learner. He signed before he spoke,’ she explained to the publication.

Gabriel's skills are not just useful, however, they have also enhanced family life for the Toseland's. "We have an absolutely fantastic bond between us. He makes sure to make me aware that there somebody at door. He loves to help me if there is an announcement stating that a shop is closing or that the tram us ready to leave," Abigail added.

"He is able to bond with children who have learning difficulties or other disabilities very well as he be able to gesture and relate to them very much because his parents are deaf."

Now, Gabriel is helping to teach Abigail's daughter, who is 19-months-old, to speak and sign too.