Girl pays her cheating ex back for Justin Bieber tickets in the most brilliantly petty way

Girl pays her cheating ex back for Justin Bieber tickets in the most brilliantly petty way

When it comes to a cheating partner, there's only one way of dealing with the situation: revenge.

Some people go for the instant counter-attack, and get back at their two-timing partner by getting a little side action of their own; meanwhile others play the long game, and wait until their other half thinks that they've gotten away with their unfaithful antics before - BOOM - they hit them with the ol' slamdunk of a breakup.

However, as any expert in revenge will know, it's a dish best served cold - and with an extra helping of as much pettiness as you can muster.

So, when a young woman named Harriet found out that her boyfriend had been sleeping around, she decided to play the long game in getting her own back.

In a text exchange posted on Twitter, Harriet showed the world how she dealt with "Dan" - a guy who apparently screwed her over so badly he earned himself a little snake emoji next to his name.

It all started when he asked Harriet to pay him back the money he'd spend on a Justin Bieber concert for them both (how romantic). "I want the money for my JB ticket back please," he wrote.

And that would have been a fair enough request... had he not done the dirty with other girls behind Harriet's back.

But Harriet didn't sink to his level. In fact, she showed an admirable amount of self-control when she responded:

However, what Dan SnakeEmoji didn't know, was that Harriet had devised a very special way of returning his money to him. And what he also didn't realise, was that his blunt follow up text - "Send it for tonight as I need it" - probably tipped her over the edge.

Nevertheless, Harriet stuck to her word and gave Dan his money back straight away.

Well, some of it, anyway:

And if you think she's joking - she most certainly isn't. Along with their conversation, Harriet posted a screenshot of the direct debit she'd set up (which, by the way, came with the charming reference, "cheating c**t").

Harriet didn't divulge exactly how much the tickets had cost, but she did say that - at this rate - Dan would not be paid back in full until 2033. Not only does that mean he has to wait 17 years to get his money back, though, he also has to see the phrase "cheating c**t" every time he checks his bank statement.

Now I don't know much about Dan and Harriet's relationship, but, looking at this, I think one thing's for sure: he probably regrets messing with such a skilled revenge master.