Girl who dumped her 'slut-shaming' boyfriend finally reveals her prom dress

Girl who dumped her 'slut-shaming' boyfriend finally reveals her prom dress

Last month, the internet gained a new hero in the form of Madison Witham: a 16-year-old who publicly dumped her boyfriend after he slut-shamed her for showing "too much skin" in her prom dress. The text exchange between the teen and her controlling BF went viral after Witham posted screenshots to Twitter - but she was very careful to cover up what the dress actually looked like.

In the messages, Witham was clearly excited to show her boyfriend, now apparently identified as 19-year-old Justice Champion, a picture of her outfit, messaging "Sooo I found a dress :)". He, in response, said, "show meee!" - so she did.

However, instead of receiving a sweet compliment or a short-and-sweet "wow!" in response, the 16-year-old was told that the outfit was too revealing. What's more, after she (rightfully) insisted that it wasn't, the boyfriend replied: "you look like a slut".

The tweet, which has since been deleted, attained tons of likes and retweets on the social media platform, with thousands of people commending Witham for sticking to her guns and not letting some guy boss her around.

"I put it on Twitter just to expose him and [show] how mean he was to me," the teen said. "I was so surprised when I saw that it went viral because I did not even mean for it to go viral."

Unfortunately, as well as receiving a lot of support, Witham also received some negative comments implying that - as she hadn't shown the dress - the boyfriend must have been right, and what she was wearing was inappropriate.

As a result, Witham has taken to Twitter again, this time saying, "For everyone who still cares what my dress looks like. (fyi, not going to prom anymore)."

And she looks stunning.

Let's set aside the notion for a second than an outfit can be "slutty", and just take a moment to appreciate that Witham's dress is not only suitable for prom - it's pretty much made for the red carpet.

At the front, it has a sophisticated slit up one side and is emblazoned with hundreds of tiny silver jewels. Then, at the back, it has a minimalistic - but beautifully designed - under-the-shoulder strap.

Basically, it looks like something that has come straight outta Hollywood.

Along with the pictures, she posted, "fyi: I posted this so people could get off my back, I’m not looking for more attention."

Once again, though, people have flocked to assure her that she looks fantastic, and have urged her to still go to the celebration - even if she doesn't have a guy to tag along with.

"Hi Madison. Just wanted to let u know, I think others will agree with me too, u look absolutely stunning in the dress," wrote one commenter. "I think u should go with friends to prom, show him what he is missing out on. Enjoy the night with ur friends surrounding u!!"

Whether Witham decides to go to the dance or not, though, she's still a total badass for sticking up for herself and calling out a guy for slut-shaming on the internet - and that's worth celebrating more than any high school event.

Justice Champion currently maintains that he has been wrongfully implicated in the whole debacle, and says that he never sent the original messages. As of yet, though, it is unclear whether he intends to legally refute Witham's claims.