Guy asks fellow airplane passengers to help him propose to his girlfriend and the result is incredible

Guy asks fellow airplane passengers to help him propose to his girlfriend and the result is incredible

Getting engaged is pretty nerve-wracking as it is, even if your plan is simply to drop to one knee and propose after a nice meal at home. When you start to get more elaborate with your secret plan to pop the big question, I imagine things can get a little stressful - even if you're sure they'll say yes to your proposal.

This man, however, went all out in his proposal to the love of his life, roping in her colleagues and members of the public to make it all go down smoothly. Italian couple Stefano Inve and Vittoria Stabile got engaged at her workplace - an airplane travelling at 35,000 feet.

Now the video of the event has been posted online, warming the hearts of people all over the world.

emirates airplane engagement Credit: YouTube / Emirates

Stabile is a flight attendant for the airline Emirates, and thought that she would be going about her usual routine one shift, but she was dead wrong. She boarded the flight from Rome to Dubai, completely unaware that her fiance-to-be was coming along for the ride. Once onboard, Stefano made sure to recruit the other passengers in addition to Vittoria's fellow crewmembers, getting them to help out on his complicated proposal.

The entire event was caught on film, as multiple cameras were used to capture the wonderful moment where Vittoria was surprised. Since then, the video has been posted on Emirates' social media channels, with the Instagram video amassing over 550,000 views.

"Love is in the air(plane)," Emirates captioned the Instagram post. "Watch our customer Stefano surprise his girlfriend and Emirates’ cabin crew member Vittoria with a romantic inflight proposal, with some help from our cabin crew and passengers."

You can check out the beautiful moment in the video below:

Without her realising, the cabin was decorated with hearts and streamers from the ceiling, and when the flight attendant emerged from the galley, she was in for one hell of a surprise. Those gathered around her gave her red roses, wearing pictures of Stefano's on their face and holding up various messages. As she walked down the aisle, she could barely hold back her tears - but it wasn't over yet.

In the next galley, she was given a bouquet of roses, and there she found Stefano. Her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked the big question, and of course she said yes. With the crowd surrounding them blowing bubbles and holding up 'S' and 'V' balloons, they embraced, and he slide the ring on her finger to their applause.

emirates airplane proposal Credit: YouTube / Emirates

Many commenters were pleasantly surprised by the video, expressing their joy for the newly-engaged couple. "Love is in the air," one person commented, while another added:"This is absolutely heartwarming."

Even the bride-to-be commented on the video, writing: "Thanks for sharing the most wonderful day of my life."

This is definitely one day she will never forget.