Guy given 'hall pass' by his girlfriend has slept with 300 women to 'save' their relationship

Guy given 'hall pass' by his girlfriend has slept with 300 women to 'save' their relationship

A boyfriend who was given a hall pass by his girlfriend claims to have slept with 300 other women in order to save their relationship.

David Guerrero, 30, is a professional dancer from Tottenham, London, who has been with his girlfriend Laura Noah, 29, for six years. However, according to him, he started to become attracted to other women and wanted to have an affair.

David told Laura that he would split up with her if she didn't agree to his demands and said that he was "bored" of their relationship and needed someone else to "light his fire".

In an interview with The Sun, the couple claimed that they had been to swing parties and threesomes but none of these satisfied David - he wanted to be with other women... alone.

He explained:

"I'd been with Laura for six years when I started checking out other women and was tempted to have an affair - although I didn't. It was beginning to eat me up inside so I decided to be honest and tell Laura how I felt.

"One night over dinner I told her I still loved her but I wanted to have sex with other women. She burst into tears and asked, 'Am I not enough?' It was horrible but felt like a huge weight had been lifted. I was bored. I needed someone else to light my fire."

A fortnight after the couple had the conversation, Laura agreed to David's demands and the pair set out a plan of action to make their relationship work.

"At first, Laura wanted to be involved, so I looked online for women who were up for having sex with couples," said David.

"I found a woman on an adult website so after talking for a few days online we went to her house but the vibe wasn't right.

"I felt strange and awkward and Laura seemed very uncomfortable. The sex was good and Laura joined in but it was a bit strange. After that, we tried swinging clubs but it didn't really turn me on. It felt like an obligation to have sex with another couple and because it was on a plate it didn't seem as exciting.

"I wanted more than a quick fumble in the dark, I wanted a connection with someone and for them to know how to touch me. I wanted a hot, passionate affair, not just to sleep with a random person at a sex party. I wanted to be with another woman - by myself."

Astonishingly, David told Laura that he didn't want her involved with is affairs and she decided to along with his demands.

He continued: "She understood and gave me a hall pass to do what I pleased as long as I followed the rule - no falling in love or growing too attached to another woman.

"The first time I went on a date without Laura was liberating but strange. I abided by the rules and had good sex but didn't spend any time with her outside of the bedroom.

"Then I met a woman through Tinder and we began sleeping together. We met up for dinner and started planning more dates like going to the cinema. I went to her house and had great sex but I started to develop feelings, so I knew I had to stop."

Because of their unconventional set up, David claims that he has slept with 300 women over the past few years. According to him, he meets three women a week and has a few who he regularly hooks up with.

"Even if I'm in a bar with Laura and I see someone attractive, it wouldn't stop me from chatting her up.

"Jealousy used to be a bit of a problem and Laura felt left out. She would argue with me and sometimes cry. Laura would get upset and tell me to end things with that girl but now she is used to it.

"Although our set-up is not conventional, I believe we are happier than most couples in conventional monogamous relationships. With us, there are no lies, no sneaking around and no betrayal.

"My affairs have saved our relationship because I would have grown bored and left if I didn't have my freedom. It's also made our sex life better and more vibrant. We now know each other more and are very protective of one another.

"It works because we respect and love one another and we know whatever we do, we are coming home to each other."

Laura, for her part, has also grown to be a fan of the set-up, saying:

"When David suggested an open relationship I was frightened. It was a shock but I wouldn't want to trap someone or take their freedom.

"At first it was hard but now I feel like a modern woman as his affairs have also given me freedom too."

Hey, if it works for them, then good on them. However, to me, it just sounds like David is greedy and wants to have his fun and make sure he's still got someone at home to look after him.