Guy living with two women reveals 15 things he's learned

Guy living with two women reveals 15 things he's learned

When you live with the opposite sex, you get a revealing look at how they live. If you're a guy, you might think living with two women would be a whimsical, Three's Company-type situation. But then you see the hair clumps in the shower drain and there are "rhubarb and custard" candles everywhere and the television is blasting reality shows 24/7. Welcome to the world of women!

British dude Craig Shapes moved in with his girlfriend, and his girlfriend's best friend. After a year, he learned a lot about female friendship and what it's like to live with ladies. He shared 15 of his revelations on Twitter, and the thread went viral. If you're a woman, or if you've ever lived with women, then a lot of these items are going to ring true. As Craig says, it was an eye-opening experience.

1. They share everything

2. Speaking of number two

3. Total e-clips

4. It's a whole thing

5. Scent of a woman

6. The Golden Age Of Television

7. Just brows-ing

8. Every day is cheat day

9. They're professional  cyber stalkers

10. I mean that's all you need

11. Spontaneous dance party

12. So much drama

13. Maybe find 12-14 working days beforehand to be safe

14. Again, they share everything

15. It's a hairy situation

But despite all the hair clips and Instagram stalking and endless talk about poo, Craig treasures his experience living with women.

After reading this list, people felt like they got to know the two ladies really well, and wanted more. So, Craig shared their Twitter handles, as well as a cute photo of the besties. They don't know whose top is whose, but that's totally okay.

Maybe now a woman who lives with two guys will tweet the 15 things she's learned. 1. They're messy. 2. They're messy. 3. They're's a repetitive list.

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