Guy sends most savage text ever to former driving instructor after passing the test

Guy sends most savage text ever to former driving instructor after passing the test

When you take your driving test, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking experience. If you mess up, and don't pass, you have to go back and take it again. Sure, it's not the biggest tragedy in the world, but it costs extra money, and it's just embarrassing. If your classmates know you left school to take the test, and you come back without a license, you're probably going to get teased.

In the U.K., they run driving tests a little bit differently than in America. (And not just because they drive on the other side of the road.) 19-year-old Daniel Parker, a Corby college student, took 70 to 80 lessons with his driving instructor, Clive. Then he booked a test, but four days before the test, Clive cancelled, saying "We can't fix the problems and issues in a few days!" This irritated Daniel, because he felt like he was ready, and didn't want to wait. Also, driving tests cost about £75 ($106 in U.S. currency).

So, Daniel booked a driving test with a different instructor, and guess what? He passed on his first try. Eager to stick it to Clive, he sent him the most savage message ever: a photo of himself holding his driving certificate, and flicking off the camera. The text reads, "F--k you Clive and your reputation should’ve let me do the test ya bald c--t.” Do they give out certificates for epic burns? If so, Daniel deserves one of those too.

In an interview about the incident, Daniel said:

"I had about 70 to 80 lessons with this guy, which is too many I know that. Then he tells me I’m ready to book a test, he gave me the number. Then, four days before my test he said I couldn’t use his car and he wouldn’t drive me to the test centre.

So I was searching around and rang up quite a few driving instructors and I found one who let me do the test in his car on Friday. He said I could do a tester and then if that went alright, I could use his car.

So I used his car and then passed the test and then sent that message. It’s not good people get ripped off, I was annoyed he didn’t let me use his car after telling me six weeks before I was ready."

You might be wondering how we know about this whole thing. Well, we have a secret deal with Facebook and monitor everyone's text messages. Just kidding. Daniel's friend Baylee tweeted a photo of the text message, and it went viral, getting over 15,000 retweets and 56,000 likes. In an interview, Baylee describes Daniel as a 'character.'

"As soon as Daniel sent the message into the group chat, I told him it would go viral. It’s a shame, really. Driving instructors try and milk as much money as possible and the response shows that people all over the place are getting ripped off too."

So, if you live in the U.K., never pick 'Clive' as your driving instructor. He is the worst.