Hilarious little kid becomes internet hero after pranking stranger from AT&T store display phone

Hilarious little kid becomes internet hero after pranking stranger from AT&T store display phone

I've never pulled off a hilarious phone prank. In my early 20's, I tried, swiping friend's phones and texting awkward things to all their contacts: "I'm pregnant." "I'm moving to North Dakota." "I have herpes." But they didn't think it was "funny ha-ha" so much as "funny I-don't-want-to-be-your-friend-any-more-do-not-ever-contact-me-ever-again."

However, some people have better ideas for pranks. One friend told me that he took his girlfriend's phone, opened up Facebook, and changed her birthday to the next day. The next morning, she woke up to a flurry of birthday messages. That's pretty clever. But sometimes, when you participate in the Prank Olympics, you just can't beat a little kid.

Twitter user Demi Lomelli went to an AT&T store, and noticed a hilarious text exchange on one of the display phones. Evidently, a little kid got on the device and started texting a stranger. The stranger was confused, then irritated. But despite the little boy's claim to be "dipping," he had no intention of stopping.

Instead of abandoning the conversation, the kid started sending the stranger selfies. However, the stranger did not appreciate the photos, and roasted the boy for his looks. "You ugly ma boy straight tf up," wrote the stranger. "You get no bitches." Unfazed, the kid responded with a priceless selfie, which one Twitter user said "screams of oof."

The barrage of selfies continued, one after the ofter, relentless. In one photo, the kid held his mouth slightly open. In another photo, he crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. A master of facial expressions, he contorted his face with boundless enthusiasm. Each selfie irritated the stranger, like an itch you can't scratch, or a jagged rock in your shoe. Furious, the stranger texted four skull emojis, a vengeful curse, commanding the child to stop. But he persisted.

The fusillade of selfies continued. Finally, beaten down and desperate, seeking respite from the storm, the stranger turned to all-caps begging. "STOP KID IM IN CLASS. DELETE MY NUMBER." The child considered the stranger's request, turning it over in his mind, weighing the pros and the cons. Then he came to a decision, typing the perfect four-word reply, four words that utterly decimated the stranger's sanity, which he undoubtedly screams out at night, while breaking out in a cold sweat. "Fuck school ima rapper." Mic dropped.

Demi shared screenshots of hilarious kid's prank on Twitter, and he quickly became an internet hero. Who knew you could stumble upon something so funny on the display phone in a store? The tweet got over 20,000 likes, with everyone appreciating the kid's on-screen burns.

Well, after seeing how successful this kid's prank was, I'm giving up trying to pull pranks forever, which will come as a huge relief to my friends. Either you got it or you don't, and this kid's got it.