Hilarious moment woman wrestles man to get him to unlock his iPhone using Face ID

Hilarious moment woman wrestles man to get him to unlock his iPhone using Face ID

A video of a woman fighting a man to unlock his phone using Face ID has gone viral.

The hilarious clip, which sees the unidentified woman trying to hold the phone up to the man's face while they sit on a park bench, is believed to have transpired in the US.

The man, who is presumed to be her boyfriend, uses his flexibility to maneuver away from the woman while still remaining seated. He then proceeds to get up and shield his face as she starts to chase him around the area.

Watch the bizarre incident below:

The woman jumps on his back to try to keep him in one place so she can unlock the phone, however, she fails, and the man escapes before the clip cuts to another scene which shows him moving from side to side as the woman waves the phone in front of his face.

This goes on for a number of seconds before the woman ultimately manages to wrestle him to the ground. Although he shields his face, the woman succeeds in unlocking his phone, and triumphantly shouts "Yes!" She then runs off as the man, defeated, watches on.

The video has garnered over 480,000 likes since being shared by @EliiDaRuler on Twitter. "Man I thought she was pepper spraying him but she trying to get his Face ID," he captioned the clip.

"If he acting like this you shouldn’t even want to see what’s in his phone, just throw the whole man away honestly," one woman wrote one Twitter, while another corroborated "If he act like this he's obviously hiding something."

"As a man or a woman if you ever get to this level of desperation, seek medical help. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, straight to the doc," another opined.

A third wrote, "Another wrote: 'Or he just wants his privacy and she can't respect that to the point of literally assaulting him. She is the one violating trust in this situation. This is borderline domestic violence my dude."