Husband goes viral for showing men how to really 'sext' their wives

Husband goes viral for showing men how to really 'sext' their wives

Relationships have forever been changed by the modern world. Now, the sight of two blue ticks from bae is enough to send a person into meltdown and don't even get me started on the swipeathon that is Tinder.

But the upside to living in the age of never-ending notifications is that it's easier than ever to keep in touch, and, when necessary, spice your relationship up with a flirtatious message - the aptly named 'sext'.

However, as one husband proved, not all sexts are created equally. Sure, you can get your partner hot under the collar by telling them what you're going to do to their body when you get home, but sometimes, what people (especially women) want is a lot simpler. Like, y'know, a bit of Goddamn help around the house.

Case in point, this man who recently went viral for his unusual take on the humble sext, aptly captioned: "Sending sexy pics to the wife like..."

Now, in case you're wondering who this chore-play hero is, he's called Brandon Shillings, and his epic series of texts, since being posted six months ago on Facebook, have received in excess of 400K shares and 88K likes.

That lip bite though. Phwar!

Because, while we'd all like to live in a world where there was no difference between men and women in the housework department, nine times out of ten, it's ladies who, quite literally, carry the load.

Seriously, regardless of career or income, a recent study found that women still do more around the house!

Hopefully, Brandon's sexts will inspire more men to get their hands dirty because, writing as a lady myself, I'd say the odds of them getting laid as a result are much higher.