Identical twin sisters fulfill lifelong dream to marry identical twin brothers in 'fairy tale' ceremony

Identical twin sisters fulfill lifelong dream to marry identical twin brothers in 'fairy tale' ceremony

It's a common trope that twins do everything together. We often like to think that they always wear the same clothes, enjoy the same food, share the same interests, and maybe even have the same pet peeves about people chewing with their mouths open or not closing the door after they've left a room.

Of course, that simply isn't the case. Twins can be as different from one another as any other pair of siblings; just look at Phoebe and Ursula from Friends, for instance, or Bart and Hugo (now there's a niche reference) from The Simpsons.

Every now and then, however, we do come across twins who fit the stereotype so perfectly that it's almost too strange to believe.

Take 32-year-old identical twins Brittany and Briana, who got married this Saturday to 34-year-old Josh and Jeremy Salyers... who are also identical twins.

"It’s really been a fairy tale come true. Marrying twins is something that’s very important to us," said Briana, who married Jeremy, in an interview with People. "Even when we were little girls I can remember being in kindergarten, knowing that that is what we saw for ourselves."

"We knew that the chances were incredibly scarce," Brittany said. "The stars had to align for our dreams to come true. I get to marry the man of my dreams and at the same time I get to look over next to me and see my twin sister marrying the man of her dreams."

B&B met J&J last year at the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio (no, seriously), and decided shortly thereafter that they were all perfect for one another.

"I remember vividly the first time Brittany and I saw Josh and Jeremy at the twins festival," Briana recalled. "I also remember the first time we all spoke the last night of the festival. It’s sort of like everything was in slow motion."

The pair of pairs got married at the same festival this year, and their respective services were conducted by one of two identical twins.

"A lot of the wedding planning was extremely fun and even peaceful for Brittany and I to do together because we have the same taste," Briana said. "We had the same vision of what our double wedding day would look like. We work well together and I would say the hardest part is planning everything across state lines because none of us live in Twinsburg, Ohio."

What's more, B&B's life goals were the exact mirror of J&J's.

"If [Josh and Jeremy] couldn’t find identical twin girls that matched up well with them, they were never getting married," Brittany explained. "I think that they experienced a lot of the same challenges dating what we call singletons, that means non-twins. It’s hard when you’re dating someone and they don’t understand the twin bond."

Now that they're married, the four are all going to live in the same house together, where they plan to raise their kids as one big family. Interestingly enough, if the couples do have children, the little ones will legally be cousins, but genetically they'll be siblings.

Some think this is cute, some think it's weird - but the Salyers? They think it's twincredible.