Instagram model reveals she split up with boyfriend who insisted on being in her photos

Instagram model reveals she split up with boyfriend who insisted on being in her photos

When it comes to breakups, there are good reasons, bad reasons, and some reasons which nobody can ever seem to agree on.

For instance, this week an anonymous, alleged Instagram influencer's Reddit post has gone viral after she claimed to have broken up with her boyfriend after he insisted on appearing in her pics alongside her. Taking to a Subreddit called AITA ("Am I the As*hole?") where people can ask Reddit whether or not they acted poorly, a Redditor with the handle IGAZmodel wrote that she had recently been on vacation with her boyfriend.

After a series of arguments over her social media etiquette escalated, the couple broke up. But the reason why left many incredulous.

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The influencer in question wrote: "I'm currently getting my MBA but I also have a pretty successful Instagram account. I do all the typical "Insta-girl" stuff like swimwear, workout supplements and CBD products. But along with being a yoga instructor, I make enough money to live off, have no debts and afford a nice vacation for my boyfriend and I. We have been here for two days."

She added: "He is furious with me because I told him he can't be in the Instagram pictures because quite literally I don't get as many POS references to my companies when there's a guy in the pic. It's just a fact."

"I need these pics from this vacation to be able to sell stuff. It's just the way my "job" works. We can take as many private pics as he likes, we can do pics of us hiking, having sex, laying by the pool, I don't care but I need to keep my IG separate."

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She continued: "He's been so pissy and taking alone time for the entire time we've been here. We have barely slept together, no intimacy and just short, curt conversations. He won't tell me what's wrong but I mean I guess I know what's wrong. I'm really upset because I paid for this entire vacation only to be ignored and treated pretty crappy."

A number of Redditors commented on the situation. For example, rich2083 wrote: "You should probably have a separate family and friends account. That would probably sort this out. He probably feels that you are somehow ashamed of him and are excluding him. He should also be more appreciative of your generosity."

Meanwhile, someone under the moniker Vokda_Philosphy wrote: "Was your boyfriend told this was a vacation or a business trip? If he could have reasonably expected your work to not interfere with the trip then you'd be the *sshole."

So what do you guys think? Was IGAZmodel in the right, or has she overreacted? That all depends on your point of view.