Lottery winner who offered $77k a year to potential boyfriends says men only want her for her money

Lottery winner who offered $77k a year to potential boyfriends says men only want her for her money

Valentine's day is a day when lots of loved-up couples are out and about, and for all the singletons out there, they can often seem like they're rubbing their happiness in our faces. But it's not just average Joes who have been left feeling gloomy and lonely this February 14. As it turns out, there are also plenty of millionaires out there who feel the same way.

Just take Scottish millionaire Jane Park for example. Jane managed to win the Euromillions lottery when she was just 17 years old, and has since splashed out on cars, holidays and plastic surgery for herself. Despite all this, she seems to have become disillusioned and jaded with her vast wealth, and insists that the money has made romance that much harder for her. In fact, she's even taken to offering men an allowance of over $77,000 just for the chance to date her. Unsurprisingly, since making the announcement, the applications have been flying in.

In a recent interview on Heart London Breakfast Show with Jamie Theakston and Lucy Horobin, Jayne confirmed that she'd had over an estimated 100,000 responses to her request. Commenting on the large number of responses she received, Jane stated: "So literally I thought that it would just be about 100. It’s literally been about 100,000. Me and my team will need to sit and narrow them down, but it’s so hard. And I’m still single for Valentine’s Day, it’s a joke! I’ll probably treat myself to a McDonald’s breakfast or something. I know how it looks, I really do know how it looks, but it’s so hard when you’re in this position. I’m only 23 now and I still don’t know whether guys are only with me for love or money."

However, she added that she usually assumed that men are only interested in her money, stating: "I’m always questioning people, and I just feel like it would be better like if I feel like they have money, that they wouldn’t be wanting mine. If I met a guy on a night out and I said 'oh add me on Instagram' or something, when you go on my Instagram you’d say 'how have you got 120k followers?' and then it’s not long before they see that I’ve been on TV or something, and then they know and I’m like ‘have things changed, what are they thinking?’ and it just puts a barrier up straight away."

An image of millionaire Jane Park.

Jane insists that she isn't trying to buy a boyfriend; just offer them a little incentive, stating: "I’m not paying them to be my boyfriend, do you know what I mean? I’m not paying someone to love me or anything like that - that’s not what the expense was sort of meant for and I feel like it’s sort of been portrayed that way."

I'm sure Jayne will find love one of these days.