Man builds himself a 'boyfriend' out of boxed wine and now they're 'engaged'

Man builds himself a 'boyfriend' out of boxed wine and now they're 'engaged'

The are plenty of people who have a special relationship with wine, but Michael James Schneider has an especially close one.

Wine acts as a best friend for some - it's there when you need to celebrate and a shoulder to cry on when you're sad, a partner in the good times and a 'ride or die' in the bad. In essence, it's everything you want in a partner. So, for that reason, writer and artist Michael James Schneider decided that he would enter a relationship with a box of wine... well, multiple boxes.

Back in January, Schneider decided to make a makeshift boyfriend out of wine boxes after he broke up with his actual human boyfriend.

“Since I didn’t have a boyfriend anymore, I made one myself out of the discarded wine boxes I ‘self-medicated’ with, along with some boxes others friends donated,” he told HuffPost of the jokey art project.

Taking to his Twitter account, Schneider posted some lovely photos of him and his wine "boyfriend" enjoying some special times together and they quickly went viral, with plenty of people being able to relate to his relationship with the good stuff.

However, while the images may have been funny, it turns out that their relationship has only gone from strength-to-strength since the original snaps.

Last week, Schneider revealed that he and his wine-bae are now engaged!

Of course, once again, Twitter loved the photos and came prepared with plenty of wine-related puns.

But, just how did the engagement go down? Franz, Schneider’s boxed wine boo, popped the question at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland. “Little did I know, Franz had called my friends to surprise me!” the artist told Huffington Post. “They surrounded us just as he knelt down and proposed, and of course I said yes. The ring is beautiful, too!"

The pictures were taken by Portland-based photographer Cole Keister and show and extra emotional Schneider being overwhelmed by the whole situation.

Speaking about their love for one another, Schneider said that he and Franz are enjoying their relationship and the anticipation of the big day.

“We cook dinner together, we have pizza and sweatpants nights while watching Netflix,” he said.

“Our love is just like anyone else’s love. What’s really annoying is when strangers come up to us in public and ask, ‘Which one’s the ‘man’ and which one’s the ‘person-shaped entity made of boxes of wine mysteriously brought to life’?’and I’m, like, ‘Those aren’t the only two genders, Linda!’”

For the actual wedding, Schneider is hoping that a local venue will donate its space and for the event to be a fundraiser for the ACLU. Although, he and Franz are taking things slow with wedding planning.

“It feels too soon to be talking about the wedding!” Schneider said.

“I have to meet my new in-laws first, which I’m pretty nervous about. Stay tuned...”

Well, they do say that everything happens for a Reisling.