Man buys fiancée a swimsuit with his own face on it

Man buys fiancée a swimsuit with his own face on it

An Australian man bought his "bikini-obsessed" fiancée a swimsuit with his face on it, and filmed her hilarious reaction to the one-piece.

In a video which has since been posted to the Sydney-based influencer's Instagram page, Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola has his blindfolded wife-to-be Paty try on the swimsuit.

Getting the perfect bikini shot isn't easy, check out this model's photoshoot being ruined by the greatest photobomb of all time:

 Emblazoned with a blown-up version of his face - goofy expression and all - Pedro couldn't wait to see her response to the comical gift.

"It's well documented that Patty loves her bikinis and I hate spending money on them," he told his 12,500 followers. "But this time I've put my feelings aside and found a good place in my heart to buy her the perfect bikini."

And by "perfect", he means utterly horrifying!

"It's something you put on so you have to close your eyes and put it on and we'll do a reveal in the mirror," he tells his soon-to-be-bride.

Unsurprisingly, Patty immediately bursts out laughing once she takes the blindfold off. She then tells Pedro, it's "disgusting", before deciding that she "should wear this to the beach."

Soon after posting the humorous clip, Pedro, a former radio producer at the Kyle and Jackie O show, was inundated with comments from amused followers, many of whom shared what a good sport they thought Patty was.

"I give Patty 200% for getting up and trusting you to change her and blindfold her," wrote one fan. "She's gold and then she owns... Now for the next video...bondi beach and get people's reactions when she wears it with you. Love ya Pedro."

"DEAD! She’s an awesome sport!" added another.

"This is gold!! You are so creative Pedro," a third said.

In any case, Pedro certainly wasn't exaggerating about Patty's love for bikinis. On her own Instagram, she's often seen donning bathing suits in exotic settings: