Man dies just one day after his wife of 68 years passes away

Man dies just one day after his wife of 68 years passes away

A man passed away just a day after his wife of 68 years died of congestive heart failure last month, MailOnline reports.

Bob Johnson, 88, from Minnesota said goodbye to his wife, 87-year-old Corrine on November 24 before losing a battle with cancer less than 48 hours later.

Learn more about the late couple's touching love story and tragic passing in this news report:

The couple married in 1951 and went on to raise their seven children together on Norseland Eastview Farm. They lived here together for 67 years.

Bob and Corrine's children say it was in no way coincidental that Bob died a mere 33 hours after the passing of his wife, and believe that he "waited" for their mother to "go first" so that the late couple could go "on their terms".

"I sort of thought he looked like he could go for weeks," Bruce Johnson, the couple's son, told KARE11. "As soon as mom died he went downhill and died in a day. It's hard to imagine it's a coincidence."

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It was believed that the short-lived widower was in a worse condition - in terms of his health - than his wife before she was taken to hospital with congestive heart failure.

'When mom passed, they pulled the curtain between the two beds, he just stared at the curtain,' Beth Kinkeade, their daughter, told the publication.

According to MailOnline, the pair shared a kiss while Corrine whispered to Bob that she loved him just days before she died.

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They were both honored at a funeral service on Tuesday at Scandian Grove Lutheran Church in rural St. Peter, with their children sharing sweet sentiments about their beloved parents.

Another loving couple, married for 71 years, tragically died just hours apart:

"They went on their terms," said the pair's youngest son, Brent Johnson, who explains that his father was always intent on putting his mother first.

"So it was only fitting that in the end he waited for mother to go first and then he passed away," Brent added.