Man stuns social media with photos of his age-defying mother

Man stuns social media with photos of his age-defying mother

The ageing process is an interesting one. It's one that almost of all of us are terrified by and try desperately to avoid - in spite of the fact that, ultimately, it can't be prevented.

With cosmetic products, plastic surgery procedures and various diets, we try our best to achieve that universally coveted youthful look - a look that we perhaps took for granted in our younger years.

Some people, though, don't need any of the aforementioned methods to defy the ageing process - it's just part of their DNA.

One man named Jonathan Nguyen found out the hard way that his own mother was one of these mysterious age-defying beings when he was forced to witness guys his age hitting on her.

The 22-year-old from Los Angeles has taken to Instagram to share pictures of his youthful mother, who is regularly mistaken for his sister - sometimes even his girlfriend!

"Having a young Asian mom is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her," Jonathan said in Australian Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.

According to Jonathan, his mother has her daily workout regime, strict Keto diet, and avoidance of processed foods to thank for her flawless skin.

"To cut to the chase my mom is in her 40s. Her secret to not ageing is dieting and exercising. She also has a skincare routine that I'm not too aware of," Jonathan told Daily Mail Australia.

Naturally, people were seriously impressed by her apparent inability to age, eager to share their praise in the comments.

"I want to be your mom when I grow up," user @cindykinss wrote.

"Your mom looks like she’s our age bro!!!!" @fearless_annimal wrote in disbelief.

"Need to know her secret of staying young and beautiful!" a third commenter with the handle, @smellie__nelly wrote.

I think we'd all quite like to know her secret to eternal youth...