Miley Cyrus shares racy Valentine's photo for Liam Hemsworth and fans are loving it

Miley Cyrus shares racy Valentine's photo for Liam Hemsworth and fans are loving it

Today is Valentine's day: a day when happy couples around the world finally get the opportunity to have some quality time together. For the next 24 hours, they can just hang out together, away from prying eyes and interruptions.

Even celebrity couples need this time together to just enjoy each other's company for a while without any press or fans snooping on them. Just think of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus: they're sharing their first Valentine's day together as a married couple this year, which is pretty damn cute.

But Miley doesn't seem to be a fan of soppy sentimental messages on this special occasion. The humble Hallmark card, the bouquet of roses, and the box of chocolates is not for her.

Instead, the singer has decided to celebrate the man she loves with a hilarious and pretty dang filthy image macro, which she shared on Twitter for her followers' benefit today.

Miley posted an image of herself from her Bangerz tour, which showed her wearing a lime green bodysuit and cowboy boots, lying back with her legs open. The meme was captioned: "When it's Valentine's Day and bae says hi."  She wrote underneath it: "@LiamHemsworth Love u."

Wow; that's pretty damn explicit, huh?

Sadly, it doesn't sound like Liam and Miley are going to be doing anything too exciting this February 14. On Monday night, Miley posted several Instagram pics of herself at the premiere of Liam's new movie Isn't It Romantic? Hemsworth himself was sadly absent in the pictures - apparently, he was forced to miss out on the movie premiere after being hospitalised with kidney stones.

Miley told her followers: "So proud of my hunky hubby. [Liam] unfortunately wasn’t able to attend due to health reasons... but he is recovering and taking this time to rest/heal. It’s hard for entertainers to put themselves before the project but this time it was crucial ... I am proud to represent him and his incredible work. So happy to see him shining in this comedy! He is the funniest person I know, and the world now gets to see the Liam I wake up to every day.... luckiest." [sic]

Priyanka Chopra, who also stars in the movie, confirmed that Liam was feeling unwell, telling reporters at the premiere that: "He's still in the hospital. He texted us a picture of himself in the hospital this morning. It's terrible. There's no world he would have missed this otherwise. I wish he was here."

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It's sad that Liam can't be up and about this Valentine's day to enjoy a nice meal or a date with his wife. But to be fair, I'm sure that he and Miley have got many happy Valentine's Days still to come.