Mom slams teacher who allegedly 'ripped out' her 12-year-old daughter's cornrows

Mom slams teacher who allegedly 'ripped out' her 12-year-old daughter's cornrows

A Colorado mother of a 12-year-old is alleging that a teacher at her school "ripped out" more than 10 cornrows from her scalp in order to put an end to a fight, Yahoo reports.

Brandi Lindon claims that the fight in question arose as a result of the "racial discrimination" her daughter Jordan had been subjected to.

Lindon wrote about Jordan's alleged ordeal on Facebook, writing: "My 12-year-old daughter was in a physical altercation at Lake Middle School in Denver, Co. After I previously came up to the school last Friday for racial discrimination urging teachers to have a meeting with the students. This eventually lead to a fight."

Lindon then goes on to say that the school's administrator did not break up the fight properly, instead choosing to grab Jordan by her hair and rip out her braids, which in turn reportedly left her "bald" and led to bleeding on her scalp.

She continued:

"He is now on administrative leave. This is what my child's head looked like before and now after this incident. He has admitted to it and put on administrative leave. I went down to the police station District 1 in Denver, Co and proceeded to press charges and I still have not been able to only received an incident report. Please help get my story heard. Fb deleted my original post but I will continue to share."

This 'racially offensive' promposal posted on Snapchat has led to an investigation:

Lindon even posted photos of the impact the administrator's alleged actions had on her child's hair.

In an interview with Denver7, Jordan talked about some of the instances of racism she says she experienced at her school.

“Sometimes they just make up little jokes like, 'Dang, you’re blacker than my shoe,’” she said.

Jordan also said of the cornrow incident: "The dean, he was very upset and I can feel the difference between a grown man pulling my head and a student. He just snatched and ripped them super hard and I wanted to cry but I didn’t cry."

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Denver Public Schools sent a letter to parents explaining that the administrator - 39-year-old Travis Glatthar - was now on leave. Lindon also told the publication that the school's principal called her to inform her that Glatthar had “admitted to it” and said it was “accidental.”

However, in a statement released to Yahoo Lifestyle, the school said the braids "fell" off:

"Earlier this week, there was a physical altercation between two female students at Lake Middle School. During the fight, one of the student’s hair extensions fell off. Staff members intervened and separated the students."

Displeased with the way in which the incident was handled by the school, Lindon had her daughter transferred to a different school.

The pair are continuing to seek justice regarding the ordeal and on Monday filed a case with the Denver Police Department.

Lindon has also set up a GoFundMe to help her with the legal fees

"There’s been support from people around the world via social media and they’ve been helping us to get through it," she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"People want me to react in a more violent manner, but that would take away my ability to speak up for my daughter. It would discredit me and I wouldn’t be able to get the answers I need. This isn’t just about my child, it’s about our children around the world."