New study reveals why women should be marrying men who drink a lot of beer

New study reveals why women should be marrying men who drink a lot of beer

Nothing better than a beer, is there? Feeling sad? Have a beer. Feeling happy? Celebrate with a beer. Is it too hot? Have a beer. Is it freezing outside? Go and have a beer. Beer is a cure-all. Beer is comforting. Beer, above all else, is a friend. However, it does have its downside.

As one famous prophet once said: "To Alcohol! The cause and solution to all of life's problems!"

Yes, I know it's delicious. Yes, I know it's refreshing. And yes, I know it gets you hammered. But, beer - apparently - is not good for you.

Some people called beer "liquid bread," others call it "empty calories," but, to be fair to them, they do have science to back them up. While beer may give you a gut and give you a splitting headache, it does actually have some legitimate benefits to the male body.

Essentially, if you want to increase your fertility, get down to a pub and have a beer.

In a recent study published by researchers at the Policlinico hospital's fertility clinic in Milan, Italy, it was revealed that men who drink the equivalent of one beer a day produce more sperm than their non-drinking counterparts.

323 male patients were tested on with varying degrees of weekly alcohol intakes. 30 per cent of those tested, reported that they consumed around 1-3 drinks per week, 30 per cent reported having 4-7 drinks per week, and 30 per cent said that they have 8 or more drinks per week.

The men in the two groups that consumed more alcohol had "significantly higher sperm concentration" than those who had 1-3 weekly drinks. And, on top of this, men who had 4-7 weekly drinks also had a "significantly higher median semen volume" than those who had 1-3 weekly drinks.

However,  researchers also tested 39 men who reported that they drank 14 or more drinks per week, but "no statistically or clinically significant association was observed".

The results from the study also seemed to suggest that the antioxidants from grapes in wine, and a compound that is commonly found in beer hops called Xanthohumol, also help to protect sperms cells from damage.

So, while beer may not be beneficiary if you're on a diet and trying to shed some extra pounds, moderate alcohol content does appear to have a positive effect on the quality of a man's semen.

However, before you head out on the lash in order to boost your sperm count, Prof Allan Pacey, from the University of Sheffield, said: “It’s OK to have a glass of beer or wine with dinner but if you are trying for a baby a night on the lash should be avoided.”

Not only that, but Prof Simon Fishel, from CARE Fertility, said: “I would not use alcohol as a means to try to boost a low sperm count.”

So while beer may help boost your sperm count, it's important to remember that you should not go overboard. Still, though, it's enough of an excuse to have another pint, isn't it?

We'll drink to that!