Photographer captures newborn baby who's already sick and tired of life

Photographer captures newborn baby who's already sick and tired of life

There's no doubt that tiny babies are more expressive and emotive than their full-grown counterparts. I mean, come on, when a baby is happy, they giggle and giggle.

When they're angry or unhappy, you can expect to see tears rolling down their cheeks and have your eardrums subjected to a barrage of tinnitus-inducing screams.

Watch this adorable video of a disabled baby hearing for the very first time:

Perhaps this, above all else, is why we love taking pictures of them. New parents adore snapping pics of their chubby little offspring and are happy to plaster them all over social media for others to see.

The thing is though, some baby pictures are just better than others; especially when the baby makes an expression that all of us adults can appreciate. For instance, a photographer has gone viral on social media this week, after taking a picture of a baby who looks downright fed up with life at an early age.

Per Insider, the picture in question was taken on February 13 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by a professional photographer named Rodrigo Kunstmann. The picture shows a little girl named Isabela Pereira de Jesus being delivered in a maternity ward in the hospital.

Still covered in vernix, baby Isabela can be seen glaring down the camera lens at the moment the picture was taken. Rodrigo later uploaded the hilarious photo to his official Facebook account, and captioned it: "Today is my birth and I don't even have clothes for this."

In a later interview with Insider, Rodrigo stated: "The doctor helped me a lot, because she made the baby have contact with the mother at birth. But I only saw the expression on the baby's face when I left the operating room ... Childbirth is a unique moment. I can only consider myself a blessed person. I feel like a lottery winner."