Single woman is savagely trolled for planning her entire wedding without a groom

Single woman is savagely trolled for planning her entire wedding without a groom

Many people usually cannot wait to plan their wedding, however, most people usually wait until they're actually engaged before they've booked the venue. But not this woman...

Thirty-eight-year-old Theresa Mahon has revealed that after a number of failed long term relationships, she has decided she isn't going to wait for an engagement ring in order to plan her big day. The Irish mother-of-three, who is currently single, appeared on British talk show This Morning to explain why she's planned her entire wedding without a groom.

Since making this decision a year ago, she's planned every detail of what many describe as the happiest day of their lives, spending £1,000 ($1,300) on a dress, and even picking out the song she'll have her first dance to.

"I'm single but I've planned my dream wedding": 

When asked by the show's host Holly Willoughby how people in wedding stores react to her, Theresa said that after they inevitably ask her when the big day is and she says she hasn't got a groom yet, they say that it's "not a bad idea" that she's so prepared.

During the interview, the singleton explained that her obsession with weddings began when she was a young girl and first saw Disney's Cinderella. "I still even watch the film," Theresa said. "I just love the whole 'she's gone from having quite a hard life and now she's just this beautiful bride.'"

But while Theresa, who is from Dublin, might be excited at the prospect of being so prepared to meet her Prince Charming, her views were not shared by viewers of the show, who mercilessly mocked her on social media:

Sadly, however, Theresa revealed that she did find somebody she believed would be her "prince charming", but they broke up after a 12-year relationship. In addition to this, Theresa also said that "the only other thing I would change is I want pink in the dress after my daughter who passed away."

Well, they do say that there's a lid for every pot. Good luck on your quest, Theresa!