Starbucks employee quits job in expletive-ridden song in front of customers

Starbucks employee quits job in expletive-ridden song in front of customers

A former Starbucks employee has gone viral after quitting his job dramatically in song form.

In a video shared to YouTube on Monday, Anesti Danelis stands before customers in the coffee shop chain, with a guitar strapped around his waist. "If I could get your attention super quick," the employee asserts. "I’ve been working here for a few years and it’s been so nice to work here."

"And I have a song for my manager, but I also hope you enjoy it," he continued, before bursting into song.

In other news, this police chief claims that a Starbucks employee branded him a "pig":

"Dear manager, I’ve been working here for so long… I’ve got something I want to tell you, so I thought I would say it in a song," he sings. "[Expletive] I quit, [expletive] this place, I quit. I don’t want to work for someone who treats their employees like [expletive]."

"I found a way better job. Today was my last day, I know I got, like, 10 more shifts to work, but [expletive] it. I’m not going to show up to them anyways. And it feels so good to say I [expletive] quit."

He added that he'd miss his co-workers and "lovely " customers - and certainly, everyone inside the store seemed to enjoy Danelis' performance - that is, except from his manager.

Watch the employee's performance below: 

“You can take that time that you tried to get the company to fire me for doing something that you [...] me to do," Danelis continued.

This rather novel way to hand in your notice has garnered over 260k views on YouTube at the time of writing, and people were quick to take to the comments to praise Danelis' approach.

"Get this on iTunes and then sell it at all Starbucks locations," wrote one social media user, while another corroborated "The final blow will be when this goes viral, and then gets seen by Starbucks' upper management. If that manager thought this was a bad day at work, he is destined for an eye-opening and re-defining moment in the near future [sic]."