Story of woman who was followed home by three men and hugged a stranger for help is going viral

Story of woman who was followed home by three men and hugged a stranger for help is going viral

A man recently took to Twitter to share the story of a terrified woman who approached him for help as she was being followed by three men she didn't know. The sinister encounter, he says, brought him "into the world of women".

The Twitter user recounts the story just minutes after it had all gone down: "I'm walking to the train a few minutes ago and a woman walked right up to me and gave me a tight hug and whispered quickly, "please act like you know me 3 guys are following me for a while" I played along then walked her 3 blocks home. What an experience for the both of us."

Stories of people being kind to strangers never cease to warm our hearts. This waitress went viral after photos surfaced of her cutting up an elderly man's meal:

He continues: "I'm not going to act like I didn't hesitate because we're in New York, people set you up real quick. Her hug was too real to be fake, and three men was following behind at a distance. As walked and talk i realized she was terrified, she kept saying i have to get home to her son."

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The woman then explains that the three men had been watching her on the train and when she got off, they also got off. She said they continued to follow her for two blocks.

It was then that she saw the Twitter user, who had a smile on his face and she knew he "would welcome her". The man explains he was more than happy to help the terrified woman, who felt immense gratitude for his actions.

A number of those who followed the thread also praised the man for the way in which he acted in the situation.

One person wrote: "She definitely picked the right guy! Thank you. What happened to her happens EVERY 73 SECONDS in the U.S. (nine out of 10 times to a woman)."

Another added: "I was wondering if anyone noticed how many women have replied to this post saying “that happened to me, too...” I’m glad he was there & helped, but don’t ppl think that something should be done so that women ALWAYS feel safe?? or is that too much to ask?"

A third said: "Thanks for believing women. This woman. And being the man who stands up for women, especially when you knew it could go so many ways wrong. You get my hug too."