The internet is in tears about how this woman's date was interrupted by her friends

The internet is in tears about how this woman's date was interrupted by her friends

When we've got a hot date coming up, we usually turn to our besties for advice on how to make things go as smoothly as possible. Seeking guidance on what outfit to wear, whether you might come across as too enthusiastic based on the emojis you've selected, and even giving real-time updates on how things are progressing once you're actually on the date.

But for Twitter-user Meg, her best friends didn't exactly give her a leg-up for the date, but they kind of kicked her down. They showed up to the restaurant where Meg agreed to meet with the person she met online, and they weren't exactly discreet about it...

It ended up being such a disaster that Chicago-based Meg never landed a second date. But at least she's got a good story to tell, and so naturally, decided to post about it on Twitter.

She shared a video with the caption: "one time I went on a date with someone I met online and during the date I looked over and saw my best friends with wigs on. I couldn’t stop laughing which is probably why I didn’t get a second date".

The video is of the wig-wearing friends, who Snapchatted the incident filming themselves "incognito" and enjoying their own mock-date while somehow being hilariously straight-faced under absurdly theatrical wigs.

They film themselves to show off their costumes, before turning the camera to zoom in on Meg, sitting about four tables away. You see that she does a double-take at the camera-holder, and just as she realises who it really is under those wigs, the camera cuts. It's low-key genius camerawork, really.

Meg said that after she realised her friends had crashed her date while disguised with wigs, she "couldn't stop laughing". She added a few more pictures from their Snapchat stories detailing the events.

And while the absurdity of the whole thing (somehow) turned the date off, it seems that the people of the internet are eternally grateful for the prank.

"This is too damn funny gotta love when your friends are crazy," one person wrote, while another said "LMAO?. You have amazing friends".

And the best part? It isn't the first time her friends have pulled a prank on her love life. While they always appear to be executed in good humour, it seems that these friends have not only made embarrassing break-up videos for Meg, but they were also spying on her during her first kiss.

But in the end, her friends have her best interest at heart, with Meg revealing that they also helped her find the love of her life: "I’m actually dating the loml bc of my best friend".

Well, while we're happy for her that she's in a solid relationship now, I am kind of devastated that we'll no longer see any dates crashed by wig-donning friends in the future.