These are the 9 absolute rudest things you can do at a wedding without even realizing

These are the 9 absolute rudest things you can do at a wedding without even realizing

Whenever a wedding's on the horizon, it's an exciting time. The dress, the cake, the big after-party. Seriously, what's not to love? However, it's a fact that events like these tend to bring out the very best, and absolute worst in people. There are an endless number of faux pas' that you could tactlessly make on a couple's big day and I'm sorry to say that your big mistake will be unlikely to be forgotten. After all, a wedding is the most important - and memorable - day of someone's life and they're bound to look back on it forever.

Fortunately for you though, we're here to help.  Whether you're on course to strut in a white ballgown, or bring along your step-sister, her two kids and their cousin Ernie as the "plus-ones" you never got, all of these massive blunders are a thing of the past. That's right, it's time to educate yourself on the nine absolute rudest things you can do at a wedding without even realising.

Bringing an uninvited guest

If they haven't mentioned a plus one, you're not getting a plus one! Don't expect the couple to pay for an extra dinner just because you want a pal to sit next to.

Walking in late

Of course, some things you just can't help. If there's a major traffic jam or a big emergency, that's not your fault. But always make an effort to be early. After all, you don't want to miss the bride or groom's big entrance!

Sitting in the front row

Never sit in the front row unless you've been invited to. Normally, this is for family or the wedding party, so take your place behind and enjoy the view.

Outshining the bride

It's the bride's day and whatever she says goes. Your cute white dress will have its chance to shine another day.

Forgetting to RSVP

Your invitation asked you to RSVP for a reason.

Playing the speculation game

It's all good to wonder in your mind if those flowers were expensive or from the supermarket down the road, or whether that steak was gourmet. However, it's not your job to play detective, so keep quiet while you ponder on how much the wedding cost.

Posting pictures on social media

Obviously, if you've got a great snap, you can likely eventually upload it to your Instagram account. However, always consider whether the couple wants their special day broadcast online, or if they want to be the first to announce it with an adorable picture.

Interrupting the newlyweds

Every wedding guest wants to have a moment or two with the bride and groom - and you will get this! However, the couple likely wants a second to themselves to celebrate their union or eat their expensive dinner in peace, so always be aware of this.

Leaving too early

It's the couple's special day and they want to feel loved and appreciated, so if the disco goes on till 11pm, dance till 11pm! No one wants to feel like their wedding party was a dud. Elderly relatives have a get out of jail free card on this one.

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