13 important details you missed while watching the royal wedding

13 important details you missed while watching the royal wedding

All of us watched the royal wedding like hawks yesterday, soaking in each and every detail like our lives depended on it. Admit it, even if you moaned about all of the hype beforehand, as soon as Harry and Meghan's nuptials kicked off, you were found beer in hand on the sofa, watching all of the drama unfold and offering up your opinion on Meghan's dress.

However, the truth of the matter is that you can't catch everything. Yes, that's right: even if you thought that you had the wedding completely and utterly down, there were still a lot of things that you didn't notice. Fortunately though, we're here to help. So without further ado, here are all of the tiny details that you blinked and missed yesterday. Enjoy!

Meghan's veil had a lot of subtle nods

The American actress expressed a wish to represent all 53 Commonwealth countries in the wedding, with the national flower of each one being embroidered onto her veil. It was also decorated with the California poppy (to represent Meghan's place of birth), wintersweet (a flower that grows in Harry and Meghan's private garden at Kensington Palace) and crops of wheat to symbolise love and charity.

Meghan's bouquet included flowers that Prince Harry had picked from their private garden the day before

Adorable or what? It also had forget-me-nots in honour of Princess Diana, as they were her favourite flower

The bishop brought an iPad

It's been said already that this royal wedding broke tradition more than any one ever has before, but let's take a moment to appreciate Chicago-born Michael Curry using a tablet to deliver his passionate speech

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dress she's worn on at least three previous occasions

Shock, horror, right? Wrong! In her first public appearance since giving birth to Prince Louis, Kate was praised by many for wearing the same outfit again

Kate also gave Camilla some serious side-eye

What did it all mean?

Two guests were spotted wearing the same dress that was featured in the Lifetime movie about the couple, Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance

Harry and William were wearing the frockcoat of the Blues and Royals, the second most senior regiment of the British army

Not bad boys! Reportedly, Harry was given special permission from his grandmother, the Queen, to get married in his uniform, as well as keep his beard

The adorable page boys were wearing mini-versions

Prince George and his fellow page boys followed the lead of Harry and William, with their initials embroidered on their shoulders. The prestige didn't stop social media users pointing out how much George looked like Draco Malfoy though...

The girls' shoes were also monogrammed with their initials and the wedding date

A special gift from Meghan to the girls

Celebrities had to show their invites at the door, just like everyone else

The Archbishop of Canterbury called them by their original names

Justin Welby called Meghan "Rachel" and Harry "Henry", but used their preferred monikers later on in the ceremony

Meghan was wearing Diana's ring

The American honoured Harry's mother by wearing an aquamarine ring that once belonged to her

I'm sure you all saw it, but to finish things up, let's remember the adorable way Harry looked at his bride 

Anyone else got a tear in their eye?

What a brilliant day, right? This royal wedding will certainly be one that people remember fondly for years to come. Congratulations Harry and Meghan!