These seven friends do an amazing celebrity group costume every Halloween

These seven friends do an amazing celebrity group costume every Halloween

Hope you have your costume ready, because Halloween is just around the corner. Actually, scratch that, it is already Halloween in America. Yeah, it's October 19, but we pretty much celebrate the holiday all month. There's nothing we love more than dressing up in costumes and getting wasted.

When choosing a costume, you could go a lot of different routes - creative, sexy, scary, funny, offensive. But one way to win the holiday is to pull off an elaborate group costume following a theme. When people with awesome costumes combine like Voltron, they can form a group costume that is even more awesome.

For six Halloweens, Auburn Selcado and her six friends have been the ultimate #SquadGoals. They create an amazing group costume, dressing up like the movie and television characters from a famous celebrity: Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, etc. And although it's only October 19th, they've already unveiled their costume for 2018! (Like I said, we start Halloween early in America.) Auburn showed off their outstanding on Imgur, and went viral. Behold!

2012 - Johnny Depp

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Cry Baby, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2013 - Jim Carrey

Mr. Popper's Penguins, Dumb & Dumber, The Cable Guy, The Mask, The Grinch, Ace Ventura, Batman Forever

2014 - Will Ferrell

Elf, Blades of Glory, Zoolander, Anchorman, Night at the Roxbury, Semi-Pro, Talladega Nights

2015 - Robin Williams

Robin Williams: Mrs. Doubtfire, Mork, Jumanji, Popeye, Hook, Aladdin, The Birdcage

If you think The Genie looks like she's beamed in from another dimension, you are correct. Auburn added a comment admitting to the obvious Photoshop: "Full Disclosure: The Genie (OP/me...hi) is Photoshopped in (duh). I did full Genie makeup and it was horrific. I had nightmares from it and it was my own face. So yeah, I replaced it with a photo of Genie me pre-full face makeup. If you are looking for a Halloween scare, you can find the old photo... if you dare muahahaha!"

2016 - Bill Murray

Bill Murrays: Garfield, Space Jam, Caddyshack, The Life Aquatic, Ghostbusters, Kingpin, What About Bob?

2017 - Nothing

They took this year off. What? Coordinating all these costumes is hard work! You got a problem with that? GET OFF THEIR BACKS!

2018 - Tom Hank

Toy Story, Castaway, Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Big, David S. Pumpkins (SNL), A League of Their Own

Pretty cool, right? Auburn also shared a photo of what they look like in real life, in case you're curious.

That's impressive work, ladies. I look forward to seeing what costumes you create in 2019, the 2020's, the 2030's, the 2040's, the 2050's, the 2060's all the way until you're old women in a nursing home. Once you start this group costume train, you can't stop! But you know what? I think Imgur jjwk544 put it best with his comment: "The most impressive part of this post is maintaining 6 friendships for 6 years."