'Sexy Handmaid's Tale' costume sparks outrage, gets pulled from the market

'Sexy Handmaid's Tale' costume sparks outrage, gets pulled from the market

Sorry, kids, Halloween's not just for you anymore. Every year, adults put on ridiculous costumes from the creative to the funny to the sexy. Like they say in Mean Girls, "Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it." (And the same goes for guys!)

Yandy is one of the top retailers for Halloween costumes, and they do not shy away from the sexy stuff. And we've not just talking sexy schoolgirl. They've got Sexy Pizza, Sexy Ninja Turtle and Sexy Jon Snow. The company encourages female customers to "own your sexy" and dress up in skimpy outfits as a form of empowerment. It has nothing to do with making horny guys happy - it's about feminism!

However, one of Yandy's sexy costumes is sparking some sexy outrage: "Brave Red Maiden," aka "Sexy Handmaid's Tale" Costume.

In case you're not familiar, The Handmaid's Tale is a TV series, based on a Margaret Atwood novella, that takes places in a dystopian future. After fertility rates collapse, a totalitarian patriarchy emerges, and women are stripped of their rights (and names). The remaining fertile women are forced to be handmaids, raped by their male masters for the purpose of bearing children. When they misbehave, they are mutilated, losing hands, eyes and tongues. The tone ranges from miserable to even more miserable.

A show about horrific oppression doesn't seem like the best material for a sexy costume, but Yandy's tried to make it work. The product description read, "An upsetting dystopian future has emerged where women no longer have a say. However, we say be bold and speak your mind in this exclusive Brave Red Maiden costume featuring a red mini dress, a matching cloak with an attached hood, and a white bonnet headpiece."

Some Twitter users were not excited about it.

And some Twitter users thought people should chill. It's a TV show. If you don't like it, don't buy it, how about?

This Twitter user brings up an interesting point - is the "sexy" version of a handmaid that much different from dressing as a regular handmaid? I've seen people dressed up as handmaids on Halloween and at comic book conventions. Nobody was outraged about it.

But, this is 2018, and when people complain on social media, their voice is heard. Yandy pulled the Brave Red Maiden costume from their website. One Twitter user wondered, aren't there bigger issues to be upset about? (cough, Brett Kavanaugh, cough)

Here's Yandy's full statement, where they attempt to pitch the costume as an "expression of women's empowerment."

"Yandy always has stood, and will continue to stand, at the forefront of encouraging our customers to “Own Your Sexy”. We support our customers being comfortable in their skin, regardless of who they are or what they choose to wear. Our corporate ideology is rooted in female empowerment, and gender empowerment overall.

"Over the last few hours, it has become obvious that our “Yandy Brave Red Maiden Costume” is being seen as a symbol of women’s oppression, rather than an expression of women’s empowerment. This is unfortunate, as it was not our intention on any level. Our initial inspiration to create the piece was through witnessing its use in recent months as a powerful protest image.

"Given the sincere, heartfelt response, supported by numerous personal stories we’ve received, we are removing the costume from our site."

Well, I guess that's it for Sexy Handmaid's Tale costume. Sorry if you were hoping to pick one up. Maybe instead, you could go as Sexy Alf? That would be pretty scary.