This couple has the world's funniest wedding photo thanks to a fainting bridesmaid

This couple has the world's funniest wedding photo thanks to a fainting bridesmaid

There's a reason that wedding photographers are so expensive. First, there's a lot of planning that goes into selecting the dream venue, the perfect flowers and the dress for the occasion, and getting crappy photos of it all would just not do it justice. Secondly, many people claim it's the most important day of their life, and capturing that on camera is one way to immortalise that milestone forever.

But even if you have the best photographer and the perfect weather, there's always the possibility that your wedding photos will be met with some kind of unplanned-for event. Like this story, which saw a bridesmaid accidentally disrupt the couple's photos with hilarious results.

Last month, a dude called Kevin Ryan celebrated his three-year wedding anniversary. He decided to share the happy news on Twitter, posting a photo from the Chicago ceremony with the caption: "Three years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister fell over". Not the usual anniversary memo, is it?

Well, as you might imagine, the photo he posted documents the moment his sister, one of the bridesmaids, "fell over". It might actually be the funniest wedding photo that the world has ever seen, because right when the newlyweds shared their first kiss as a married couple, his sister did indeed fall over. Right in the shot. With timing that was nothing but perfect.

Take a look for yourself:

Yep, there on the bottom left of the frame is Kevin's sister, who apparently fainted (I'm hoping out of elation for the happy occasion). Face-first, shoes almost off, and no-one in the shot really grasping what had just happened quite yet. Here's a close up:

Oh dear. So what exactly happened? Well, Kevin composed another tweet to explain the situation a little more. After someone fired a bunch of questions that jumped to everyone's minds after seeing the photo, he felt the need to clarify things.

"What happened? Was it planned? Did she just hit the deck without warning? Why isn't the vicar looking round? Why does the other bridesmaid have extra flowers? Who took this beauty?" asked someone.

To explain what happened, Kevin wrote "my sister fainted at the exact moment the judge says you may kiss the bride". He said "hell naw" to the suggestion that it might have been planned, and explained why no-one had rushed to her aid in the photograph: "it's a real split second photograph, a few seconds later we were all over her!"

He then went on to say that it was a "sweltering summer's day" and that their venue had turned into a "greenhouse" over the course of the sunny day, providing the perfect conditions for someone to overheat and faint.

Luckily she was totally fine, with Kevin saying that "it's all jokes now".

Naturally, people found the whole thing hilarious. Someone asked if Kevin and his wife had the photo framed at home...

Someone else suggested he get it prepared as a gift for his sister.

Others joked that she planned it all along.

But everyone agreed it was a wedding photo to go down in history.

Congratulations on your anniversary Kevin, and we do hope you get that picture framed.