This guy accidentally sent inappropriate photos of himself to his entire philosophy class

This guy accidentally sent inappropriate photos of himself to his entire philosophy class

We've all accidentally texted the wrong person before. It's easy to make a mistake when you're drunk or distracted. Usually the screw-up is harmless, but sometimes it can be humiliating. For example, instead of texting your romantic partner, "We're out of condoms," you might text your grandma. In Gmail, there's a short time window where you can undo sending an email, but you can't undo text messages. (Not yet, anyway.)

But don't despair if you've ever mistakenly sent someone an inappropriate text message. It could be worse. You could be Marese. Marese is a student in Houston, Texas, and he accidentally sent photos of his junk to his entire philosophy class. I know, it sounds like an outrageous storyline from a sitcom. (Remember on The Office, when Michael Scott sent NSFW pics of Jan to all the employees?) But Marese says it happened.

On Twitter, Marese shared his harrowing story, and it went viral. He wrote, "I’ll tell y’all the story of how this shit actually happened.. it’s long asf.. but some people think I actually sent it on purpose." (I assume "it's long asf" refers to the story, and not to the size of his penis, but I can't be certain.)

"Alright, so I had broken my phone just the day before all this happened. Shit was cracked bad asf & I was a broke ass college student with no insurance & no $ for a new phone."

"So I got resourceful & found a small local business that did phone repairs. I was like bet. I went to them, paid the $ and had a repaired phone within the next couple hours. Fast forward a bit.. I noticed that the phone wasn’t calibrated perfectly and the bitch would press random ass stuff."

"But I wasn’t tripping. The 3rd party I used was cheap asf so I was just gonna live with it. Now later that night... Twitter after dark started popping and I, like other men started to get horny dab. So I whipped out my camera and started snapping hella angles."

"After the pics.. I got myself off & had completely forgot I’d even taken the photos to begin with. So I showered, put on some Netflix, & nocked out. The next day is when all this shit started. My class group me was blowing tf up bc we have a project due @ the beginning of class &..."

"...not a single soul new what tf to do. I was too busy myself trying to finish my shit I couldn’t pay attention to the group me at that particular time. I eventually finished and ran to class from the library to turn it. Omw to class I was trying to read the chat to catch up and run"

"I get to class and my dumbass phone is still UNLOCKED and on the classes group chat...whole time I’m grabbing papers from the front to take to my sent to get settled. I sit down in my seat & look at my phone. My heart LITERALLY fell to my ass when I realized I’d just sent 2..."

"...FULL ASS DICK PICS to the mf chat. My heart stopped for a second.. I looked up & the other gay guy in the class goes “okkaaaayyy” loud asf. I was in total disbelief. So I sat there panicking trying to figure out a way to delete it, while everyone in the class opened to see."

"To finish the story off bc it’s too long to finish completely ? my dick pics were stuck in the group chat for the rest of the semester since you can’t delete selective messages & only the creator could delete the entire chat. He was a pussy & wouldn’t."

So, it appears Marese's phone had a mind of its own. If you think butt dials are embarrassing, imagine sending a dick pic to your classmates, men and women, some of whom you barely know. Marese included two pictures in one his tweets for proof. In the first picture, you can see that when the incident happened, they were reading "Separating The Moral From the Practical Argument Against Torture." How appropriate. Hopefully he included this story in his essay.

In the second photo, we see censored versions of the images, and one of the other students. I know it's disappointing - not the size of Marese's penis, the number of reactions. But the one comment we can see is solid gold. Ryan replied, "Mother of god."


Well, at least Marese can laugh about it now. I'm not sure who has it the worst between him, the guy who accidentally texted a NSFW message to his boss or the girl who accidentally texted her crush. But on the upside, they all got a great story out of it.