This guy was called out over his 'so white' Disneyland picture but his friends had the best response

This guy was called out over his 'so white' Disneyland picture but his friends had the best response

People have rightly called out businesses, advertising campaigns and the entertainment industry for a lack of diversity. As a result, strides have been taken to be more inclusive. Our society is a kaleidoscope. When it comes to race, gender and sexuality, everyone should be represented. However, sometimes keyboard warriors get so excited to call someone out, they make a mistake.

Jack Pattillo is an actor who claims to play video games for a living, which really makes me feel like I've wasted my life. Recently he tore himself away from Twitch to visit Disneyland with his friends. On Twitter, he posted a photo of the group sharing Dole Whips, writing, "Doing Disneyland right."

It seems like an innocent photo, but one Twitter user was offended. Apparently, Jack's friends were insufficiently diverse. Tristin Lazarus, who goes by the handle Gay4Lenin, wrote, "Could you hire any POC? This picture is so white it’s making me squint. Disgusting." Then he added two puking emojis, to really drive the point home.

Well, as a white person, I have to admit, we are pretty disgusting. However, Tristin is incorrect. There are people of color of photograph - a Pakistani Muslim, an Indian and a Chinese person. Maybe he missed them because he was so blinded by the white people's skin. Anyway, they each replied to Tristin to let him know, sharing a hilarious eye-rolling selfie.

Obviously, Tristan totally jumped the gun with his knee-jerk reaction, and got owned. So, he admitted he was wrong and apologized for his presumptuous. tweet. Just kidding. This is the Internet. Nobody admits they're wrong! That's a sign of weakness.

Instead, Tristan doubled-down on his baseless accusation. He argued there are still too many white people, and that all the non-white people are just token minorities. "Funny, the majority is still white. Looks like I’m proven right. Hiring token minorities doesn’t fix the fact that you’re a racist. Get off my timelines bigots."

Man, who would have thought a user named "Gay4Lenin" would be so unreasonable? Other Twitter users defended Jack, noting the everyone in the group doesn't  for the same company. "They're a mixed group of industry friends and very nice people." So, not only was Tristan wrong, he had no basis for complaining in the first place.

After getting called for making a bad tweet, Tristan turned full troll. The keyboard warrior snapped, "Go back to making buggy games and season passes that no one plays, loser." You know, I'm starting to think Tristan Lazarus should plan a trip to Disneyland. Maybe he'd lighten up a little bit.

Well, at least they didn't let the self-appointed Twitter Diversity Cop ruin their day. Out of all the things in the world to be offended about, he picks this group of nerdy friends at Disneyland? Come on, Gay4Lenin.